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headscissor choking thunders sexy guys mat wrestling tattoos sexy abs

Eagle vs Duke - Battlespace 107

$ 31.25

The match begins with a pose off. Eagle tells Duke he's never heard of him before, and he doesn't wrestle people he's never heard of. Duke starts to introduce himself, but Eagle could care less. Duke makes fun of Eagle's hair, and the match is on! Eagle locks Duke in a rear bearhug and takes him to the ground. He applies a sleeper/body scissor combination and has Duke moaning in pain! Duke breaks away and gut punches Eagles rock hard abs. He sits on Eagle's chest pinning him to the mat and ball claws him! Duke applies a body scissor himself. Eagle says with his abs of steel, it has no effect on him! Duke tries to sleeper Eagle, but he breaks away and puts Duke in a VICIOUS Boston crab! Eagle stands Duke up and applies a BONE-CRUSHING front bearhug! The two lock up, and Eagle puts Duke in a full nelson. Duke is able to break out, and applies a full nelson of his own transitioning to a rear bearhug. Duke headlocks Eagle, but surprisingly Eagle picks Duke up and TORTURE RACKS the bodybuilder! Both wrestlers engage in a bearhug battle. Duke puts Eagle in a standing head scissors and takes him to the mat. He gut punches Eagles's abs then ball claws him again! Duke straddles Eagles face with his thighs and punches his abs more! Eagle breaks away with a low blow and gut punches Duke's abs. Eagle locks Duke in a CRIPPLING standing head scissors, but he escapes with another ball claw. Duke straddles eagles face, squeezing him with his thighs and punches and ball claws him again. Eagle straddles Duke and gut punches/ball claws him back. He locks Duke in a sleeper hold then CHOKE LIFTS him slamming him against the wall. More gut punches, head scissors, ball claws. Eagle goes for another MASSIVE bearhug and takes Duke to the mat. He puts Duke in a VICIOUS camel clutch! The match ends with one wrestler being put to sleep with a ball claw/stretch across the winner's leg. Will it be Eagle or Duke? Buy this match to find out!