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Duke puts Eagle into a head lock at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Eagle vs Duke - Mat Wars 108

$ 34.75

(1st Thanksgiving Special)

No Submissions, No Mercy!

Thanksgiving.  A time for, well, giving thanks, for visiting loved ones and for eating lots of food!  Well, at least it would be if someone hadn’t already eaten all your favourite!  Eagle catches Duke eating his food - the guy didn’t even ask first!  “Is that my milk too?  That’s the last straw!”  Eagle clearly got out of bed on the wrong side – he smacks the spoon out of Duke’s hand then lashes out, his hand gripping tight around Duke’s throat!  “What the hell?  Come on man, it’s just some milk!”  Eagle pushes forward, driving Duke out of the kitchen and into the sitting room, his hand still clasped firmly on Duke’s neck.  Eagle shoves Duke on to the chair, then gets behind him and clamps on a choke hold!  Duke claws at Eagle’s arms as he’s shaken from side to side.  “It’s about respect,” states Eagle “You need to learn respect – and someone’s going to have to teach you!  Duke is fading as he claws at the biceps choking him, but Eagle isn’t satisfied – he releases the hold, only to move around and trap poor Duke in a Bodyscissor / Sleeper combo!  Eagle’s THICK legs squeeze hard, threatening to break Duke’s ribs!  Duke momentarily escapes, but Eagle goes right back to the sleeper – Duke goes out!

But now Eagle’s in the mood for a fight – he peels off his shirt, revealing smooth, tight pecs and abs.  He grabs the groggy Duke and DDT’s him into the floor!  Eagle drags him up into a SERIOUSLY TIGHT sleeper, again choking the breath out of the hapless Duke.  As the musclestud again succumbs to the darkness, Eagle strips him of his shirt, leaving Duke out cold on the floor in just his shorts as Eagleflexes and poses over him!  But Eagle still isn’t satisfied, hauling his limp opponent up onto his shoulders and taking him poolside, where he stands Duke up and slaps on a Bearhug. “Wake up!” Eagle demands as his forearms dig into Duke’s body, right under his lats – talk about a rude awakening!  Duke’s face screws up in pain as he tries to prise Eagle’s arms apart.  He succeeds, but the damage has been done. Eagle changes tack, hammering blow after blow into Duke’s abs!  But Duke has been working HARD at the gym and absorbs the punishment before reversing and battering Eagle!  Eagle is having none of that and whips behind Duke, slapping on another sleeper.  Duke’s bulging muscles are on full display as he desperately tries to escape!  Duke tries to distract Eagle, yanking his shorts down to his ankles – but Eagle has no problem with that; he just lunges and throws Duke over his shoulders, carrying him to the garden.  Duke goes with it, using the time to get a rest – as Eagle puts him down, he manages to slap on a payback sleeper of his own!  His biceps bulge and his face contorts with effort as he chokes the fight out of Eagle!  The soaring superstar uses Duke’s own tactics against him, stripping the bodybuilder of his shorts, leaving him in his Batman boxers!  Duke switches to a headlock, but Eagle takes the opening, pulling Duke up onto his shoulders for a Torture Rack!  A Front-Facelock from Eagle has Duke in trouble, but he’s not out yet!  Duke twists out of the hold and traps Eagle in a DEVASTATING Bearhug!  Eagle is in agony as he’s crushed in the bodybuilder’s pulverising arms!  Then Duke puts Eagle over his shoulders and starts doing squats!!

Holds and counters, reversals and counter-reversals – these two have a long history and there’s no sign of their feud ending!  Choke lifts, headlocks, sleepers – these guys like it rough and they give no mercy!  A humiliating end for one of these musclehunks!  Get this special Thanksgiving match today – you’ll be thankful you did!