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Eagle puts Fang in a Boston Crab at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Eagle vs Fang - Battlespace 118

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Eagle flexes his bulging biceps and tree trunk quads, "Are you new?" Fang flexes, "No!" They compare biceps. "Are you hosting the event? Who am I wrestling?" asks Eagle. "That's cute!" says Fang. "You're flexing like you're a wrestler, but you don't look like a wrestler!" mocks Eagle.
Eagle lifts Fang in a massive front bearhug, smashing his back against the wall. Fang struggles and falls to the floor. "Not done yet!" Eagle CHOKELIFTS his victim then drops him. "So you got a little power in you!" moans Fang clutching his soar neck. He charges in lifting the muscle giant on his shoulder. "You're a strong little guy. Put me down!" yells Eagle. They tie up. Eagle gets Fang in a tight headlock. "Let me out of here!" He transitions to a neck-breaking full nelson and slams Fang on the couch. "I can just toss you around like a doll!" Fang gets up and CLOTHESLINES the muscle beast, "How's that for a little doll!" Eagle retaliates with a crushing body scissors, "Feel the power of those legs!" Fang struggles to breath and is forced to tap out!
Fang wants revenge, takes Eagle down, and straddles his chiseled chest. "Get off me!" Eagle escapes and delivers a tight Boston crab. Fang screams in agony and struggles to stand, "Ahh my leg!" Eagle grabs Fang by the throat and chokes him over the railing inching closer and closer to throwing him down the stairs! He picks Fang up across his chest then drops him in an over the knee BACK BREAKER! "You're a tough little fellow!" groans Fang. "Little? I'm like twice your size!" Eagle launches Fang face first on the couch and applies a standing head scissors. Fang struggles to break the hold under the immense pressure and screams, "You have some strong legs!" Eagle releases the hold, but Fang surprises him with a full nelson/body scissors combo. "My neck!" Fang has the muscle giant pinned right where he wants him and switches to DOUBLE HAMMERLOCK! "Ahh my shoulders!"
Fang full nelsons the muscle beast, but Eagle flexes out with his powerful pythons and locks in another massive bearhug. Fang falls back on the couch gasping for air. Eagle is ruthless and goes for a sleeper, letting his victim go before he flies away to Neverland! Another Boston crab has Fang CLAWING at the floor trying to escape! "My legs, why you so rough?" pleads Fang. Eagle locks in another head scissor. "My neck, I can't breathe!" Eagle's thick quads have done their damage! "One second!" pleads Fang as he begs for a break. "I let you play your strong man game long enough but no more!" Fang charges in, pushes Eagle against the wall, and pounds his abs. The tides are turning and the action continues, a BODYSLAM, standing leg scissors, gut punches, a massive sleeper! Will Eagle's talons take out Fang for the win? Or will Fang sink his fangs in and take out the muscle giant?