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Eagle vs Finn McCool - Vegas Battles 13

Eagle vs Finn McCool - Vegas Battles 13

$ 32.95

“Give up, or I’m gonna break your ribs!”

Thunder’s Arena Superstar, Eagle, is back to take on Thunder’s newest recruit, Finn McCool, in this Vegas Battle!  Eagle sets out to intimidate the rookie with a posedown, trying to get in his head for the match ahead.  But Finn McCool matches him flex for flex and pose for pose, proving he has the muscle to stand with the big boys!  Eagle, perhaps sensing his plan isn’t working, changes tactics – catching Finn unawares, he slaps on a tight full nelson!  Finn starts to power out (!), so Eagle switches between that and a high rear bearhug.  Finn manages to power out though and getsbehind Eagle, slapping on a rear bearhug of his own!  The bearhug is one of Finn’s favourite moves as it gives him the opportunity to crush and squeeze the fight out of his opponent!  Eagle suffers in the constricting hold, but he manages to take advantage of a momentary change in grip and escape!  Eagle does NOT want to be trapped in Finn’s arms again!

The two musclehunks lock up, with Eagle getting the advantage and going right back to that full nelson, lifting Finn off the floor!  Eagle demands a submission but Finn refuses, instead powering down into a most muscular forcing Eagle to break the hold.  Finn whirls behind Eagle, clamping on a full nelson of his own!  Eagle strains and flexes, eventually escaping.  Eagle lunges in for a front bearhug on the rookie, squeezing him hard!  Finn struggles to breathe as he fights the constricting pressure!  Eagle releases the hold and gets behind Finn, planting his big legs either side of the rookie’s head and squeezing for all he’s worth!  Finn sinks to the floor, his face screwed up in pain as Eagle relentlessly crushes him like a grape!  Incredibly, Finn manages to escape and shoots low for another bearhug, trying to capitalise on the damage done earlier.  Finn’s MASSIVE lats bulge as he inflicts maximum pain on the suffering Eagle!  Finn dumps Eagle down and starts to get cocky, flexing and asking if that’s all Eagle has!  Eagle responds with his signature FLYING BODYSCISSORS!  Finn’s abs and ribs start to buckle under the immense pressure of Eagle’s powerful quads!  Eagle decides to inflict further agony, lifting Finn up and slamming him down over his knee in a backbreaker.  Finn has no choice but to submit!  Eagle starts to pose in victory, but Finn is enraged – he wraps his arm around the unsuspecting Eagle’s neck for a cheap-shot sleeper.  Eagle is out!

This battle is far from over though as Eagle recovers and challenges the rookie to a Bearhug Challenge!  Muscle bulge as each goes all out to crush the other into oblivion!  Can Eagle use his experience and skill to beat the rookie?  Will Finn fall to the soaring Superstar?  Can Finn muscle his way to an upset victory?  Add this match to your collection today!