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Fuego puts Eagle into a camel clutch at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Eagle vs Fuego - Battlespace 113

$ 34.75

"Looks like we got another new wrestler, and of course they want to challenge the champ!" Eagle greets the newbie. "I'm Fuego, 5'9" 200lbs!" The vet eyes the rookie, "Huh, 200lbs, where's it at?" Fuego flexes his pythons, "You'll find out. You are the champ aren't you?" Eagle flexes back, "Yeah, I've been here long time!" "Well times running out!" mocks the rookie.
They lock up. Fuego gets a takedown, tries rolling Eagle in a pin, but he escapes. "That all you got?" asks Fuego. Eagle gets the rookie in a tight rear bearhug and crushing body scissors! Fuego is dazed but retaliates with a hammerlock. "Ahh my shoulder!" screams Eagle. "Those tattoos aren't gonna help you get out of this!" Eagle is pissed and applies his own hammerlock taking the rookie to his knees. Fuego screams in pain! Eagle tries a sleeper but the sweaty rookie is so slippery, he escapes. The vet wants to introduce the rookie to his tree trunk quads and leg locks his arm. "I'll snap it!" threatens Eagle as Fuego groans in agony. Both wrestlers exchange BACK-BREAKING bearhugs; their thick muscles squeezing the life out of each other! Fuego gets a SNAPMARE TAKEDOWN and locks the vet in a standing head scissors. "Ahh my head! You got some big legs!" yells Eagle. The devious Fuego shows mercy and releases the hold. Eagle can barely recover before a second even tighter head scissors. "Not again!" The vet struggles under the pressure but escapes. "Now your heads even smaller than it used to be!" mocks Fuego. "I'm done playing games. It's time for the real deal!" declares Eagle.
 Eagle gets a SNAPMARE TAKEDOWN and locks in his own standing head scissors. Fuego gasps for air as his face turns red. "You popped my ear drum!" Eagle laughs, "I guess you didn't hear this coming!" Another head scissors has Fuego struggling. The muscle monsters roll around the mat trading hold after hold for a win. Eagle rolls the rookie over in a tight BANANA SPLIT. "You think your abs are stronger than my legs?" Fuego flexes out of the split. "They look better!" mocks Eagle. Fuego lifts Eagle in a massive bearhug shaking him up and down off the mat. This rookie has some impressive RAW POWER! Eagle recovers and picks the rookie up in an UPSIDE DOWN bearhug. Fuego's abs are definitely feeling that one! A crippling camel clutch, body scissors, and sleepers, only one of these muscle giants will be able to walk away! Can the rookie dethrone the Thunder's champ? You gotta see it to find out!