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Eagle vs Gohan - Mat Rats 154

$ 31.25

Gohan offends Eagle when he tells him he doesn't know how to flex. Eagle snaps pushing Gohan against the wall before swinging him into a brutal clothesline! Gohan hits the mat HARD and Eagle wastes no times jumping on him. He picks him up into a vicious dragon sleeper and locks in another rear sleeper hold. Gohan fights back lifting Eagle over his shoulders. However, Eagle uses his size and strength to control Gohan. Gohan has to use his speed and intelligence to try and beat Eagle. A back and forth of body scissors, bearhugs, and choke lifts shows Eagle taking it to Gohan. But, Gohan uses a ball claw to take Eagle down! His advantage doesn't last long as Eagle counters on the mat with a head scissors smothering Gohan's face between his massive legs. Gohan attempts another ball claw, but Eagle counters right back with the same! Now the floodgates have opened for the veteran and he fights back with dirty moves of his own. Gohan will not go down easy though! He comes back using bearhugs and choking Eagle on the mat. Eagle counters Gohan using his size advantage each time and sitting on Gohan in a schoolboy pin and flexing while laughing in his face. Bearhugs, gut punches, intense clotheslines, and chokeholds highlight the action even more as both men fight back and forth as their muscles bulge and flex. A surprise ending leaves one wrestler laid out on the mat. But the real question is...DOES HE KISS IT?