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Eagle vs Hawk - Mat Rats 155

$ 25.95

Run Time: 26 minutes

Eagle was about to end his day of wrestling, but he saved time to give Hawk a welcome to Thunders Arena. He immediately jumps on Hawk, but Eagle ends up on his back and Hawk wastes no time showing Eagle just how powerful he is! He locks him up in a rear sleeper and Eagle finds himself stuck with Hawks massive, bulging bicep tightening around his neck! When Hawk goes to flex, Eagle makes a move and picks Hawk up in a chest to chest bearhug. Hawk fights back giving the same to Eagle squeezing him while enjoying every second of being pinned up against Eagle's chiseled pecs. A back and forth battle of arm locks, full nelsons, HEAVY gut punches, and leg scissors beats each wrestler down. Once back on their feet, Hawk delivers a brutal bearhug nearly passing Eagle out from pain! But Eagle fights back and gets a bearhug of his own! Hawk cannot break out of Eagle's grip and resorts to a ball claw to take Eagle down. A sleeper hold slowly starts to drain the energy from Eagle leading him to fight dirty pulling Hawks hair, but it doesn't work! Hawk likes the pain from Eagle and smiles while touching every inch of the bodybuilder's muscles. Eagle shows he has some fight left and Hawk begins to become exhausted. Eagle takes over the match and starts to work over the tired rookie! He lifts him over his shoulders and drops him down using a side headlock to shut his mouth! The match becomes a battle of dirty moves and ab stretches testing the stamina (and the egos) of both bodybuilders. Who has the dirtiest moves?

You have never seen a match end like this before...