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Eagle vs Hero - Battlespace 137

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

"In with the new, out with the old!" taunts the rock-hard muscle beast Hero. "New wrestlers don't deserve my respect! Been here a long time; still looking pretty new. You're next little guy!" threatens Eagle. The muscle hunks tie up as Hero strikes first with a quick headlock, "Not talking much now!" "That wasn't that tight!" mocks the vet breaking out. "Keep talking; that will be the last thing you say!" Pissed off, the ex-marine BARRELS in slamming the vet on his face and delivers a grueling Boston crab. "Ahh my back!" groans Eagle; his chiseled frame stretched to its limits ready to snap any second. Hero releases his hold as the Adonis struggles to his feet hungry for revenge. A series of tie ups and takedowns has both muscle hunks battling for domination DRIVING each other harder and harder into the mat every round. "For a big boy; that was easy!" mocks Eagle flexing over the winded rookie laid out on his back. "I'll show you easy!" Hero recovers and challenges the vet to a mercy challenge; their bulging biceps strain under the intense pressure with neither side submitting. Breaking away, Eagle whips around the newbie for a tight rear bearhug and BODYSLAMS him face first nearly knocking him out! Back on his feet, Hero explodes in a fit of rage wrapping his powerful python around his victim in a viselike headlock TOSSING him across the arena, "Want some more of that?" "Give me all you got big guy!" challenges Eagle barely to his feet before he is wrangled back down and pinned under the behemoth's knee. "Ahh you're fat!" gasps the vet struggling for air. "Think you're strong? I'll show you who's stronger!" threatens Hero rolling his prey over for another Boston crab. "Not again! Ahh my back!" pleads Eagle in agony, forced to peel himself up barely getting to his knees. The action heats up down on the mat with a brutal stretch and GUT PUNCH BATTLE that will blow you away! "I could do this all day; don't ask for something you don't want!" declares Hero. Playtime is over as Eagle battles back with RIB-CRACKING front and rear bearhugs squeezing the 210 pounder to the floor, "Give up!" In desperation, Hero claws the mat trying to escape the torture but is forced to tap out. "Big guy has soft ribs!" mocks Eagle. The muscle beast stumbles to his feet; his hulking frame retaliating with vicious bearhugs of his own, "How's that hug for size? I'm just getting started!" This brutal battle is far from over as these boys try ripping each other apart limb by limb! Eagle forces the rookie down for a crippling camel clutch YANKING back on his neck as he howls in pain collapsing to the mat. "Have to teach these rookies a couple moves you know!" The vet wraps his tree-trunk quads around his victim's skull in a crushing standing head scissors; his face turning red as he screams in pain nearly passing out. Hero may be down but not out delivering a crushing rear bearhug and SKULL-SPLITTING head scissors of his own. "Ahh my head!" moans Eagle; the beast flexing his quads of steel tighter, "Just give; you're washed up!" "I can't!" Barely conscious, the Adonis summons enough strength to pry apart his rock-hard quads to escape. A dragon sleeper, guillotine choke, camel clutch, full nelson, GROIN-BREAKING banana split, and barrage of vicious gut punches lead to a breathtaking end! "What's wrong Eagle; did you forget how to fly?"