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Eagle vs Iceman18 - No Holds Barred 204

$ 34.75

Sweat starts to pour and clothes come off when the heat starts to get to the guys.  All the dirty moves are pulled out and used to perfection. Eagle gets caught in several No holds barred style schoolboy pins, pushups over their opponent to humiliate them, low blows, and of course plenty of ball claws. Iceman smother and beat on Eagle over the course of the match getting sweatier and sweatier until they are sliding on the mat and can barly stand as they slip and slide. A full mix of submission holds and power moves with muscle worship in between leave Eagle in agonizing pain and exhausted. Down on the mat both men use their massive and defined quads to trap their each others head and squeeze until they can't breathe!  Who will scream for mercy first?  Find out when Iceman gets the better of Eagle, an argument erupts and a fed up Eagle becomes Iceman's bitch. Exhausted and covered in sweat, both wrestlers go at it with full attacks until Iceman decides to cheat in a whole new way...

Post match video bonus - After the match, Eagle and Iceman jump into the pool to cool off. The lock up and practice some moves. They show off more than expected for the camera.