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Eagle vs Iceman18 - Ring Wars 53

Eagle vs Iceman18 - Ring Wars 53

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

“I give, I give!”  “I don’t care!”

Eagle is back, bigger and better than ever!  And boy, do we mean bigger!  Eagle has packed on some SERIOUS size, just check out those incredible traps – not to mention those unreal quads!  Eagle’s opponent in the ring today is Iceman18, a recent addition to the roster.  Iceman18 has gone up against some of the best Thunder’s has to offer and today is no different!  Eagle puts his size and muscle to work right away, lunging in and literally throwing Iceman18 to the ropes before scooping him up over his shoulder.  Eagle dumps the rookie into the corner, ramming his back hard into the turnbuckle.  Iceman18 tries to get out, but Eagle has him trapped!  Eagle rams his boulder delts into Iceman18’s midsection, then takes to the air with a FLYING BODY SPLASH!  Iceman18 is stunned and wide open for Eagle to step over the rookie, clamping his head between his HUGE thighs for a skull-pulverising SQUEEEZE!  Iceman18’s face lights up in agony as the twin pillars of pressure crush him – he has NEVER felt a squeeze like this!  Eagle lets him go, not wanting the match to be over so soon!  The two men lock up, this time with Eagle getting behind and wrapping his arms around Iceman18’s torso for a rear bearhug!  Iceman18 is screaming as he feels is sternum bending under the enormous strength of Eagle!  The soaring superstar goes for a clothesline off the ropes but Iceman18 evades, getting some shots into Eagle’s obliques.

Eagle pauses to flex and show off his hard-earned physique, his biceps popping!  Iceman18 starts to trash talk the musclestud, but Eagle is having none of that – he knees Iceman18 in the midsection, sending him crashing down to the canvas.  Eagle quickly follows him down and quick as lightning clamps on a side body scissor!  Iceman18’s mouth opens in silent agony as his ribs are pulverised by Eagle’s massive legs!  Eagle keeps the pressure on for what seems like an age before releasing and letting the rookie roll out.  Another lock-up, this time Iceman18 gets behind Eagle for a little payback bearhug action!  Eagle grimaces as he feels the rookie’s power, wondering if he might have underestimated him!  Iceman18 gets cocky, turning his back to Eagle and flexing for the camera – BIG MISTAKE!!  A Furious Eagle comes up behind and traps the rookie in a tight Full Nelson, taking his legs out and forcing him to the canvas!  Iceman18 is POWERLESS to stop Eagle as the bodybuilder steps over for another Standing Headscissor!  “No, not this again!” begs Iceman18, but his pleas fall on deaf ears as Eagle pours on the pressure!

This is only the beginning of this all-out war of a match!  Bearhugs, scissors, chokes, shoulder barges, MASSIVE slams, torture racks, back breakers, Eagle’s signature Flying Bodyscissor and SO much more!  The match gets darker as the two resort to dirty moves!  Can Iceman18 clip the Eagle’s wings?  Can the Thunder’s veteran put the determined rookie away?  This one will keep you glued to your screen, right up to the incredible finale!  This is one you’ll keep coming back to – add it to your collection today!