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Eagle gives Iceman18 a bear hug at Thunders Arena Wrestling

Eagle vs Iceman18 - Vegas Battles 27

$ 25.95

Both Eagle and Iceman are fighting over the cameras attention, wanting to show off their huge muscles, pushing each other out of the way, until Eagle pushes Iceman just the wrong way! Iceman starts punching Eagles stomach, but Eagle seems unaffected as he starts to laugh at Iceman. He scoops up Iceman into a bear hug, Iceman just teases him by yawning in his face. Iceman gets Eagle in a body scissor, he starts pounding on Eagles abs with punches! But Eagle wants to watch Iceman wither, he flips him over for a Boston crab! Iceman manages to kick him off, but he's clearly shaken. He tries flexing for the camera but still seems out of breath and in pain, both wrestlers fight for the attention of the camera again, until Iceman pushes Eagle in just the right way, than while iceman is trying to show off for the camera, Eagle sneaks a full nelson on him! See what happens next