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Eagle and Jack Beaver flex off at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Eagle vs Jack Beaver - Battlespace 115

$ 34.75

"How many new guys can there be? I gotta beat em all before they stop showing up!" Thunder's vet Eagle introduces himself to the new rookie. "You wrestle?" Beaver is amped up ready to go, "Yeah I wrestle!" Eagle senses the rookie's excitement, but little does Beaver know the true power that's about to come his way. "Show me what you got!" 
They tie up. Eagle locks in a tight full nelson as Beaver moans in pain, "Ahh my back!" "I thought the new guy was gonna show me something! I'll let you do something." The rookie gets the vet in a rear choke hold, "Big neck!" Eagle easily powers out and lifts Beaver in a massive FIREMAN'S CARRY shaking him up and down. "You can't hold me up here forever!" groans the rookie. "Yes I can!" Eagle parades his victim around the mat then drops him!Both wrestlers exchange RIB-CRUSHING bearhugs. "How's that feel?" asks Beaver. "Ahh my back, you got a tight little grip on ya!" moans Eagle. "It's new guy strength! It's Beaver strength!" Eagle gets a takedown and bodyscissors the rookie. "Feel the power of those legs!" The vet decides to introduce Beaver to his bulging biceps and sleepers him from behind. "I'm not gonna tap!" moans the rookie. "I will put you to sleep if you don't tap!" Surprisingly, Beaver breaks away and escapes!
Eagle is pissed and CHOKELIFTS Beaver. "This is what people get when they talk crap!" The muscle beast drops the rookie down into a crippling camel clutch. "I can't breathe!" gasps Beaver. "You ain't going nowhere!" Eagle takes the rookie on a little trip to Boston: aka a massive Boston crab. "Ahh my back! I'm gonna get out of this and mess you up!" Both wrestlers exchange viselike headlocks. "I'm telling you; your grip strength is good!" moans Eagle, "Mine's better!" A crushing bearhug has the rookie feeling the pain. "This is Eagle's realm!" The vet decides to test out that grip strength in a game of mercy. Shockingly, Beaver's grip has Eagle dropping to his knees, but the muscle beast gets back up. Beaver bearhugs Eagle but struggles to hold all that muscle in the air, "You're heavy!" "That's what a man feels like!" Beaver DDT's Eagle and straddles him on the mat. The vet is a stunned but recovers, "You don't weigh that much." Eagle LAUNCHES him across the mat! The action continues: scissors, gut punches, sleepers, a devastating TORTURE RACK! Will Eagle's talons make prey of the mighty Beaver, or will that Beaver grip strength clip Eagle's wings? This back-and-forth action will have you guessing until the end!