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Eagle vs Jedrick - Mat Rats 186

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

Eagle has made a full return to put the new rookie class in their place. Jedrick is just the new guy to Eagle and he wastes no time showing Jedrick who he is on the mat with! An initial tie up shows off Jedrick's wrestling skills but Eagle is not impressed taking him down anyway and planting Jedrick on his back! Jedrick is all over the mat trying to get Eagle down, but Eagle wants to slow the pace and control the rookie at his own speed. The clash of Jedrick's quick, flashy style compared to Eagle's slow, methodical style sets off a match with quick mat wrestling countered with impactful power moves! 

Once Jedrick shows a small sign of letting up, Eagle turns up the heat. He rips at Jedrick's limbs and squeezes him over and over. Eagle makes a mistake when he doesn't realize how seriously Jedrick does not like his hair being messed with. Jedrick slams elbows into Eagle's ribs in anger. It seems Eagle wanted Jedrick to lose his cool so he can take control of the match playing into Jedrick's emotions. Eagle uses bearhug after bearhug to drain Jedrick of any energy he has. 

Jedrick's emotional reaction drives him at first as he nails Eagle with gut punches and a nasty over the knee backbreaker! The momentum of the match swings back into Jedrick's favor and he gets a burst of energy. He latches on Eagle with a tight rear naked choke. Eagle's eyes begin rolling into the back of his head and he starts losing conciousness! Does Jedrick has the strength and energy to finish Eagle off?