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Eagle vs Jessie Lee - No Holds Barred 208

$ 25.95

Jessie talks smack about Eagle takes aim at his opponent with a slew of backhanded insults. Eagle then sizes him up and decides to lock Jessie up in a bearhug! Throwing him down he then moves into breaking down Jessie with his massive, defined legs and puts his opponent in a head scissors. When Jessie counters he puts Eagle in a rear sleeper and decides to go further by LICKING EAGLE'S FACE! This obviously doesn't go over well and Eagle snaps. He twists Jessie up and punishes him using his weight to sit on and crush his opponent. He picks up Jessie and lifts him up in a brutal choke lift! He uses one arm holding Jessie by his throat flexing the other! Eagle gets a little too arrogant allowing Jessie to punch him and gets locked in a side headlock. He use a painful ball claw to break out and then low blows his opponent teaching him a lesson. Next he tosses him down HARD with a one arm throw and then jumps straight into a No Holds Barred schoolboy pin. Eagle then continues his punishing lesson squeezing Jessie in a body scissors. The match quickly becomes Jessie's quickness and agility versus Eagle's size and power. Both men use camel clutches, head scissors, boston crabs, and dirty moves to try and gain an advantage. The match ends with one wrestler using the infamous KISS OF DEATH to finish off his opponent. Will Jessie get the upset victory in his Thunders Arena debut?