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Kaseeputs Eagle into a sleeper at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Eagle vs Kasee - Vegas Battles 60

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Get ready for one of the CRAZIEST Vegas Battles you have ever seen! These guys don't need a mat; they're about to wrestle on tables, chairs, couches, and a dining room table! Eagle is reading a magazine when he's interrupted by Kasee, "What are you looking at?" "Just some fashion stuff, I don't think you'd understand. You got that ketchup and mustard Big Mac burger look going on." Kasee flexes, "There ain't no Big Mac about this. You call yourself a Greek god? All I see is a heavy Greek salad!" He surprises Eagle with a sleeper, but the beast easily stands up flipping Kasee onto the chair returning the favor. "I'm gonna knock you out!" The muscle hunk struggles to breathe under the bulging bicep but is let go. Eagle doesn't want to finish him off too early and CHOKELIFTS him dropping him onto the dining room table! The muscle giant gut punches his victim's abs then twists his leg almost to the point of breaking! Kasee groans in pain and retaliates SLAMMING Eagle headfirst into the table, "How's that feel?" The Adonis is dazed moaning in pain as he's trapped in a full nelson and slammed head first into another table! Both muscle hunks decide on a test of strength: an arm wrestling match. Their biceps strain under the intense pressure as the table creaks underneath them! "God I'm so big!" Eagle admires his bulging bicep as he overpowers and wins. "You cheated!" The Adonis gives him another shot in a mercy challenge, but Eagle wins that too launching Kasee onto the couch. The muscle beast wraps his TREE TRUNK quads around his skull in a crushing head scissors! Kasee is in his trouble; his eyes begin to roll in the back of his head. Eagle releases and wants to destroy his chiseled abs. Gut punches, an ELBOW DROP, and a massive bearhug have his abs turning red from the destruction. Kasee is under the muscle giant's complete control as he's lifted in a devastating TORTURE RACK screaming in pain.

Eagle goes back to reading his magazine as the cocky Kasee gets up, "You know for a big guy like you, I expected just a little bit more!" Eagle is pissed! A standing head scissors and over the shoulder BACK BREAKER has Kasee barely able to breath under his power! The muscle stud recovers and CLOTHESLINES Eagle to the chair locking in a sleeper while elbowing his beefy pecs. "Typical you with your cheap shots!" Kasee climbs on the chair for a standing head scissors. "My head!" Eagle's gut punch sends the stud crashing to the floor. "Crush my head? I'll crush yours!" A powerful head scissors forces Kasee to tap out! The back and forth battle turns crazy: a LOW BLOW, crippling camel clutch, brutal Boston crab, and loads of sleepers! A METAL ICE BUCKET is even used to inflict pain! How does it all end? Place your bets and find out!