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Eagle vs Kid Dynamite - Ring Wars 37

Eagle vs Kid Dynamite - Ring Wars 37

$ 31.25

Thunder’s Arena’s newest wrestler is in the ring for his debut match!  Standing at 5’8” and 210lbs of pure muscle, Kid Dynamite is ready to show everyone just what a former Greco-roman champion can do!  In skin-tight purple trunks, Kid is in the ring and flexing for the camera, showing off his bulging biceps and powerful quads!  Kid Dynamite came to Thunder’s looking to take on the biggest and the best, so Mr Mike has matched him up against fan-favourite Eagle!  The soaring superstar has been working hard in the gym and it shows as he poses and flexes his massive arms and back, letting Kid Dynamite know that this isn’t a game!  Eagle asks if they’re going to wrestle – the two lock up and the match is on!  Dynamite gets the go behind, but Eagle reverses.  They lock up again and Eagle takes Kid down, riding him to the canvas and clamping on a headlock.  Kid Dynamite escapes and reverses, trapping Eagle in a headlock of his own.  Kid releases the hold and they lock up again, this time with Eagle going low for a double-leg takedown.  Kid crashes hard to the canvas, but prevents Eagle from capitalising instead throwing Eagle over his shoulder and clamping on another choking headlock!  Dynamite wraps his legs around Eagle in a bodyscissor – Eagle is in pain, but it’s not enough for a submission!  Kid releases and they get up, with Eagle looking decidedly more cautious!  He peels off his shorts, revealing tight blue and green trunks that show off his famous quads – “Oh, you do squat!” quips Kid Dynamite.  They lock up again and Kid gets the advantage, lifting Eagle high up in a bearhug before dumping him in the corner and slugging fists into his abs!  Dynamite whips the stunned Eagle to the opposite corner, following through with shoulder barges to further damage the midsection!  Eagle is hurting, but far from out as he squeezes Kid in a rear bearhug before smashing his face into the turnbuckle!  Eagle threads Kid’s leg through the ropes and pulls hard, torqueing the knee!  Eagle scoops Kid Dynamite over his shoulders for a hard slam down to the canvas!  Kid lands HARD and Eagle follows up with a splash to Dynamite’s body!  Eagle drives his leg into Kid’s ribs as he pulls back on his chin and arm in a bow & arrow, before trapping Dynamite in his vice-like quads!  But Kid Dynamite is no rookie and he manages to roll out, applying his own headscissors to Eagle in the process!  Eagle is experiencing first-hand what those muscular quads can do, but Kid Dynamite isn’t satisfied – he switches out and goes right back to the bodyscissor from earlier, pouring crushing pressure onto Eagle’s ribcage!  Eagle’s face is a study in agony as he endures the immense squeezing power of Kid Dynamite’s legs.  Kid’s legs unlock for a brief moment, but it’s the chance that Eagle needs to escape and he takes it!  Clutching the ropes for support, Eagle recovers and locks up with Kid again.  Eagle is quick to slap on a bearhug, not giving Dynamite a chance to use his legs again – but Kid Dynamite breaks out of the hold and reciprocates with one of his own!

The battle rages on – a standing headscissor from Eagle turns into a straight headscissor on the canvas that has Kid Dynamite wondering what he signed up for!  Eagle’s scissor holds are the stuff of legends and he unleashes the full force of his powerful quads on Kid Dynamite’s head!  Kid is on the edge of blacking out when Eagle releases, eager to teach the rookie a lesson!  Corner beatings, throws, scissors, bearhugs, headlocks, nelsons – the battle turns into a war!  Will Kid Dynamite score a major upset victory over Eagle?  Or will the high-flying superstar school the rookie and teach him a lesson?  Either way it’s an impressive debut for Kid Dynamite!