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Eagle vs Logan Vaughn & Vinny - Mat Rats 77

Eagle vs Logan Vaughn & Vinny - Mat Rats 77

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Eagle is flying high right now.  He’s had a string of victories in the Arena, his hard work at the gym is paying off and he’s feeling on top of the world.  In fact, Eagle is so full of himself right now that we should think of changing his name to ‘Ego’!  Eagle sees every opponent as being SO far beneath him and today is no different.  Eagle is preening and posing on the mats, completely ignoring his opponent, Logan.  When Eagle deigns to notice Logan, he has nothing but contempt for him!  “Who the f*** are you?  You know what, it doesn’t matter.”  Eagle spouts trash talk at Logan, trying to intimidate him, but Logan shows no sign of it having any effect!  Keen to get to rasslin’, they lock up with Eagle getting the first advantage.  He manoeuvres Logan into a full nelson, using it to lift him high off the mat!  Eagle drops Logan down, taking a moment to flex his massive arm.  “Dude, you don’t even deserve to be on this mat with me!”  “It’s too early to showboat”, Logan tells Eagle.  “It’s never too early when you’re me!”  Even Narcissus didn’t love himself as much as this!  They go in for a lock up again and Logan is caught in a rear bearhug!  Eagle squeezes the breath out of him, before hauling him up over his shoulders into a spine-breaking Torture Rack!  Eagle even does some lunges to make Logan suffer some more, his massive quads flexing.  Another lock up and a pensive looking Logan manages to get Eagle in a front face lock, but Eagle is too strong – he hoists Logan up over his shoulder in a Fireman’s Carry, clamping on a bearhug for good measure!  Is there such a thing as a Fireman’s Bearhug?  There is now!  Logan is dumped to the mat, with Eagle wrapping his famous legs around his chest for a powerful squeeze!  Eagle gives Logan a free shot at a full nelson, but breaks it almost instantly!  Eagle is just toying with Logan, bullying him all over the mat and making him his plaything!  Eagle pulls Logan up into a vicious Camel Clutch!  A choke lift has Logan screaming, but that’s nothing compared to the Boston Crab Eagle slaps on!  Eagle is just dominant!

Suddenly, everything changes as Vinny walks into the shot!  What’s he doing here?  Is he here to help Logan?  Did Mr Mike send him?  Eagle continues his beatdown of Logan, seemingly oblivious of the surly new presence on the mat.  A tight choke hold has Logan struggling in vain – he is out!  Eagle releases Logan’s limp head and notices Vinny for the first time.  Eagle’s alpha-ego rises and he gets in Vinny’s face, telling him to get off his mat!  Eagle pushes Vinny once too often – he drags the still slumbering Logan up and shoves him into Eagle before crushing them in a DOUBLE BEARHUG!!  Poor Logan is sandwiched between the two musclegods as Vinny applies unbelievable pressure!  Vinny tosses Logan aside like an afterthought and turns his full attention to Eagle.  Can Eagle survive this unexpected gauntlet?  Can he put Vinny away like he decimated Logan?  Or will Vinny clip the bully’s wings?  Get this two-for-one match today and find out!