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Mack puts Eagle into a body scissors at Thunders Arena Wrestling

Eagle vs Mack - Vegas Battles 26

$ 31.25

Eagle is flexing for the camera, and showing his body off in the good lighting, when the huge Mack reaches up to block his light, Eagle doesn't like that and sucker punches Macks abs, Mack doesn't even seem to flinch, he comes back at Eagle and knees Eagles abs. Mack puts eagle in a head lock and hits his ribs, he than spins Eagle around and puts him in a sleeper until Eagle can't stand anymore. When Eagle falls to the ground Mack puts him in a body scissor, he has him their so long he starts flexing, Mack gets up and flexes for the camera and Eagle comes behind him and puts him in a full nelson! Eagle switches the full nelson to a side headlock, and flexes for the camera again, to show he can flex and beat up Mack at the same time, he does an around the world with Macks arm and puts him in a sleeper at the same time. Eagle wants to bring Mack down to his level so he kicks the back of his knee making him kneel, he gets Mack on the ground into a body scissor. He wants to make sure his good lighting is never disturbed again, find out who submits