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Eagle vs Mack vs Blayne - Custom Video Series 69

Eagle vs Mack vs Blayne - Custom Video Series 69

$ 25.00
$ 31.25

Mack / Viking vs Blayne - Big vs Little Set Up

- Mack and Viking spent the weekend in the hotel and are spending the last evening in the room when one of the hotel staff (Blayne) knocks on the door and claims the two have not paid for several items out of the mini-bar. Mack/Viking insist they have and that the bill is far too much. 

- With Blayne being insistent, Mack/Viking decide to take matters into their own hands and team up! They perform several 2-on-1 wrestle moves on Blayne as well as using KR as practice ahead of a tag-team event that weekend. Crabs, racks, body slams and stretches. stretches.  

- Mac gets an idea that they could 'frame' Blayne in front of the Hotel Managers and therefore get there money back. The two decide to 'soften up' Blayne with a series of sleepers and near-KOs...waking Blayne up only to put him out again. Viking finally calls the reception to ask for the boss whilst Mac puts him in a reverse (face to butt) figure four headscissor. Viking does not get through to the boss but does speak to reception and claims that Blayne was drunk and abusive on the job and wasn't prepared to accept their word on the bill. Putting Blayne on the phone, whilst still incapacitated by Mack in the figure four hold and not making sense, Reception makes a note and that they will get the hotel manager up to the room in the morning.  

- Viking / Mack note 'looks like you're staying with us this evening bud!" and sit a dazed Blayne between them on the sofa. They take some of the beer from the mini-bar and keep getting Blayne to drink them to ensure he's drunk come morning. Mack also has fun getting Blayne to drink his Super Weight Gain drink from a bottle, knowing how much weight Blayne will put on!  

- The next morning, Mack has fallen asleep on Blayne on the sofa when there's a knock on the door. Viking wakes Mack up ready to answer the Hotel Manager (can be played by anyone)....who finds Blayne hungover on the sofa with cans of beer by him. Mack/Viking say he refused to leave when asked and had a generally unprofessional approach. The Hotel Manager says Blayne was 'on his last warning' and agrees to pay all expenses of the room as a gesture of goodwill to Mack/Viking. Mack also says Blayne drank some of his Weight Gain drink, showing evidence of the bottle....with this, the Manager says Blayne will be fired and escorts him out of the room. Mack/Viking laugh as Blayne is taken away and say 'best get some new pants buddy, you'll need them soon!'