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Eagle Marco pinned wrist clutch arms tattoos

Eagle vs Marco - No Holds Barred 61

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Eagle's first and only No Holds Barred Match...

Battle of the Titans!  No Holds Barred veteran vs NHB Rookie!

Eagle, in brown square-cuts, is stretching on the mat, waiting for his opponent.  He doesn’t have to wait long before Marco arrives on the mat, straight into mocking Eagle’s stretching.  Marco has no problem at all with seeking out any psychological weak points to attack you with, long before he unleashes his wrestling arsenal on you!  He asks Eagle if he can even wrestle. “I thought you were a model”  “I do both”  “What, you model wrestling?  I thought modelling was just standing still!”  “Lookin’ pretty, that’s what I do man.”  If Eagle is phased, he doesn’t show it.  “So you gonna make this look pretty?” Marco asks.  “Always.” Then the clincher from Marco “I don’t care about looking pretty, I’m just gonna win.”  Clad in blue trunks, that can barely contain him (someone’s being doing their squats!), Marco walks to the centre of the mat, inviting Eagle to lock up.  They do and it’s immediately apparent that both men have a lot of experience on the mat!  Pulling him down, Eagle showcases Marco’s assets in the splits before pulling him up into a rear bearhug.  Too early in the match for a submission, so Eagle lets him go.  “Where you at playboy?”  Marco looks to the camera.  “It’s no holds barred, right?” Marco lashes out, grabbing Eagle by the crotch and lifting him up over his shoulders!   Marco does some squats with Eagle as a human barbell, before letting him go.  “This is your first no holds barred match, right?”  Marco goes in for Eagle’s leg, making him hop around before tripping him down to the mat.  As if giving Eagle a history lesson, Marco drops onto his chest in a schoolboy pin – “I always win with this” he says before he reaches back and attacks Eagles manhood again!  Marco wraps Eagle up in a small package, but the model escapes!

They lock up again and Eagle seizes the advantage, scooping Marco up and dropping him hard into an over-the-knee backbreaker!  Pushing him to the mat, Eagle gets Marco into a Boston Crab, but Marco is just too powerful and he manages to get free.  With both men having felt what the other can do, they are more cautious, more focussed.  Eagle strikes a pose, with Marco following suit.  The lock up again and this time Marco gets the upper hand, literally, as he twists Eagle’s arm behind and up his back! Looking at the big grin on Marco’s face, you can see he loves what he does!  Lifting Eagle up into a torture rack, Marco jars his spine further by jumping up and down.  “You give?”  He asks before attacking Eagles crotch again and spinning him around!  “Stop, stop, stop!” Cries Eagle, before Marco drops him to the floor.  Marco puts his foot on Eagle’s back and strikes an oh-so-beautiful pose for the fans before Eagle shoves him off. Another pose off and they lock up again.  Marco is caught in a full nelson, trapped and on display before Eagle twists him into an ab stretch!  Releasing him, Eagle poses whilst Marco gets his breath back.  Another lock up and Eagle is taken down and trapped with his abs a prime target!  A go-behind has Marco riding Eagle into the mats!  With the model struggling to escape, Marco traps his prey in a Boston Crab, his bowling-ball glutes grinding into the lower back of his helpless opponent!  Clearly revelling in his dominance, Marco allows Eagle to escape.  “Come on, I’ll give you one” Marco offers to Eagle, a cocky edge to his offer.

Eagle takes him up on it though and takes him down hard into a tight headlock, before converting it into a harsh body scissors – right across Marco’s ribs!  You can see the pressure marks on Marco’s body as Eagle pours it on, adding first an arm bar to the torture, then a crotch grab!  Even this triple attack isn’t enough to get the submission, although you can tell it took its toll!  Lunging forward for another lock up, Marco instead reaches round and grabs Eagle in a vice-like bearhug, squeezing him in revenge for the earlier scissors!  “More?” Marco asks as he tightens his grip.  Eagle resists, so Marco changes the hold into a full-nelson, pushing Eagle’s head down hard to his chest!  An ab stretch with punches has Eagle on the floor, writhing in pain.  “Are you trying to win, or are you just trying to make it out alive?” Going for a single-leg, Eagle instead lifts Marco up and onto his shoulder, ramming into Marco’s abs.  Dropping him to the floor, Eagle follows up with a tight arm bar, yanking Marco’s arm in the wrong direction!

The two wrestlers battle on, trading blow for blow and hold for hold.  One wrestler traps his surprised opponent in a crushing front chancery, choking him out!  The final, humiliating submission is one for the record books as the victor crushes his victims face between his massive thighs, making him beg for release!  This match of the titans does not disappoint!