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Eagle vs McCoy - Vegas Battles 117

$ 31.25

Eagle is relaxing in a towel after he and Kuma got a little wet together, and Joey McCoy sneaks up and snatches the towel right off of him! Eagle chases McCoy around the room and eventually catches him! He puts him in a side headlock and demands he apologize. When he won't say he is sorry, Eagle picks McCoy up in a torture rack bending him in half! Still refusing to apologize, Eagle viciously throws him off his shoulders and clotheslines him. "IT'S NOT A JOKE WHEN WE ARE TALKING ABOUT MY RESPECT!" shouts Eagle. He bends McCoy in half and SLAPS him on the ass. He carries McCoy out of the living room and onto the mat out on the balcony. McCoy keeps insisting it was all a joke and Eagle needs to lighten up. But, Eagle disagrees and drops McCoy with a knee to the gut. He then locks him up in a body scissors squeezing his air out. He moves McCoy's head down and fits it snuggly between his thunderous quads and squeezes even more! Tossing him away, Eagle is not playing the game McCoy thinks this is. He does push ups using McCoy as a mat. The beat up McCoy keeps coming at Eagle. He ties him up in an ankle lock. Eagle struggles to get out and kicks out. McCoy grabs him in a headlock, but Eagle rolls back and counters! He bends McCoy up and then starts to punish the trickster by bending him every way he can think of. He uses his knees to torture the tiny wrestler and throws him around the mat like he weighs nothing. "You come to Thunders Arena where I'M THE KING! TAKE MY TOWEL! DISRESPECT MY PEOPLE!" Eagle exclaims. McCoy rebutts "...Oh, you're the king?" He then quickly takes Eagle's arm behind his back and locks in an ab stretch. Eagle is unphased and breaks out almost immediately. He takes McCoy, and puts him in the exact same ab stretch to add injury to insult! He then claws at his abs to further the pain. After he has had enough, he throws him up on his shoulders in a fireman's carry before dropping him DIRECTLY ON HIS FACE. He then mocks McCoy as he shouts in pain. McCoy drops a few elbows on the overly cocky Eagle and then grabs him in a camel clutch. Eagle fights and then stands up with McCoy on his shoulders before squatting the small man. He jumps back to bending McCoy in half with a devastating over the knee backbreaker. He throws him off and takes a break. He then blames McCoy for ruining his day and throws a brutal knee to his sternum. He takes the injured McCoy and lifts him upside down and then flips him completely over into a modified torture rack! McCoy refuses to back down from Eagle even though he is getting a beat down. Eagle becomes frustrated and lifts McCoy off the mat by his neck and slams him against the wall in a choke lift! He then continues to berate McCoy about his wrestling skill. He then commands McCoy to feel his biceps! McCoy still refuses to give Eagle his respect. So what does Eagle do? Continues to beat the respect out of him. Eagle puts McCoy to sleep with his legs. Then wakes him up to put him out again with his arms. He then stretches out his lifeless body to wake him up again. He pulls him up in a choke lift and then squeezes him in a chest to chest bearhug attempting to snap him in half! The fight is draining out of McCoy quickly. Eagle dominates the match, but will he get the respect he deserves out of Joey McCoy?