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Eagle gives Scrappy a bear hug at Thunders Arena Wrestling

Eagle vs Scrappy - Vegas Battles 33

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Scrappy says he's heard a lot about Eagle, but he's not impressed, they are both flexing for the camera and showing off, when things get to heated between them and they start pushing each other, Eagle picks up Scrappy in a bear hug, and carries him around the room. He smashes Scrappy against the wall and bends his back more in front of the camera, before throwing Scrappy on the bed and  flexing his huge arms. Scrappy didn't like that! He throws a pillow at Eagle and puts him in a sleeper! But it seems like Eagle is in a playful mood because he starts smacking scrappy with the pillow! Scrappy pins both of Eagles arms behind his back and stands on top of the bed,  and he gives Eagle a double pec claw! But standing on the bed gave Eagle the advantage, he pulls Scrappy over his shoulder, he throws Scrappy on the ground and stands over him flexing some, and than sits him up for a head scissor! See if Scrappy is going to eat his words or come out on top!