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Eagle vs Slayer - No Holds Barred 228

$ 34.75

New Bad Boy Slayer steps on the mat against the veteran Eagle

Eagle's flexing does not impress Slayer and he refuses Eagle's demand to kiss his bicep. Slayer slaps Eagle's arm away and grips him up in a side headlock and gets tighter and tighter. Eagle demands the rookie let him go and when he doesn't Eagle uses a brutal gut punch! Slayer tests his power in a bearhug competition. WHO HAS THE STRONGER BEARHUG?

Eagle throws Slayer clear across the mat and goes to work dismantling the rookie! He uses a dragon sleeper to slowly and painfully drain the air from Slayer's lungs. Then he locks in a DEEP ab stretch to crank on the abs and ribs of Slayer! Eagle flexes saying "Mr. Mike has been bringing me all these juicy guys to beat their ass!" He slams Slayer down and drops all of his 200 lbs of shredded muscle on Slayer's chest! The rookie fights out and gets an ankle lock on Eagle! Eagle uses a brutal ball claw to get out. Slayer gets the upper hand and side headlock has Eagle fighting for air! Eagle uses all of his power and lifts Slayer up in a fireman's carry. Eagle begins to really pull on Slayer's shoulder! "I'm going to pop this thing out!" Will Eagle live up to his promise and pop out Slayer's shoulder?

Eagle has NO MERCY on Slayer! He keeps slamming the rookie's shoulder and cranking on it over and over. Slayer yells out in pain pleading for Eagle to stop! Eagle answers Slayer's pleading with more pain and punishment! Will Slayer learn why Eagle is the number 1 Bad Boy in Thunders Arena?