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Eagle vs Smash - Halloween Havoc 2023 Part C

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Eagle is dressed and ready for his match when Smash steps on the mat dressed and acting as a doctor. Smash gives Eagle a full "muscle examination." Eagle is not a cooperative patient and takes offense to Smash's ruse. He locks Smash in side headlock and tosses him to the mat! Smash takes his job seriously and will finish! The fight to who can examine who is on!

Smash originally takes control stripping off Eagle's outfit for "the exam". Smash continues his onslaught until Eagle is done taking punishment. Eagle launches a barrage of attacks ripping and stripping Smash from his doctor's uniform.

Eagle's experience plays the deciding factor early during the match while the wrestlers are feeling each other out. But a brutal low blow from Eagle sets the tone for the second half of the match to get truly dirty!

HARD gut punches! SMOTHERING body scissors! DIRTY low blows and ball grabs! And LOTS of sweaty, flexing muscles!

Download NOW and see this BLOODY dramatic climax!