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Head scissors at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Eagle vs Steel - Battlespace 117

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Guns Out, Quads Out!
Bulging biceps, tree trunk quads, muscle monsters! Eagle and Steel are set to face off in a Clash of the Titans! "Heard Steel's up here talking crap as usual!" Eagle walks up the stairs to confront his adversary, "What's your problem?" Steel isn't intimidated, "You're always making fun of me! I talk crap on everyone here including you. You're a pretty boy!" This isn't their first rodeo. Eagle and Steel have faced off before with same wins. "I'm guessing we're gonna have to break the tie!" says Eagle. "Right here, right now!" says Steel. 
They tie up. Steel locks in a massive headlock. "Alright Backstreet Boy, come on!" mocks Steel. Eagle retaliates with a NECK-BREAKING full nelson. "You're gonna snap my neck!" Steel grunts, groans and flexes out with his Popeye arms, "It's Snap City son!" Steel headlocks and hanmerlocks Eagle. "Ahh my shoulder!" Not wanting to be outdone, Eagle hammerlocks back. "You're gonna tear my rotator cuff again!" screams Steel. "That's the plan!" Their guns are out, and these behemoths are locked and loaded! 
Steel throws Eagle down and locks in a crushing standing head scissors. "My head, my ears!" His face is in pure agony. "I'm gonna crush that head! You can't break out from these big quads!" yells Steel. "Those abs lookin pretty good. You're pretty shredded!" admires Steel. "I'm like a cheese grater," says Eagle. Steel gut punches and chokes Eagle over the railing threatening to throw him over, "It's a long fall!" Eagle is completely gassed as Steel releases his hold. The muscle giants engage in a flex off. Quadzilla aka Steel probably has the largest biceps and quads in Thunder's right now, but Eagle is definitely a close 2nd! Eagle sleepers Steel from behind, drags him to the couch, and locks in a tight body scissors. "Gotta bring the Titan down!" Steel struggles to breathe, but flexes out and sleepers Eagle. "Go lights out!" The muscle giants tussle, and Eagle escapes. Both are winded, their muscles straining under all that pressure. "We're gonna go for a little ride!" Eagle lifts Steel in a FIREMAN'S CARRY taking him to the bedroom.
Eagle drops Steel on the bed delivering a vicious  hammerlock/bodyscissors combo. "My shoulder!" Steel breaks out and locks in a Boston crab with Eagle face down on the bed. "Come on give!" "No!" Eagle hits Steel in the face with a pillow distracting the muscle beast and SPEARS him on the bed! Body scissors, sleepers, gut punches, these big boys are out to hurt each other! Steel BODYSLAMS Eagle onto the bed, where they exchange crushing cradles! "You're so strong!" moans Eagle. "I'm gonna fold you in half!" yells Steel. The bed is creaking and ready to break under the weight of all that muscle! Quadzilla and Eagle engage in a standing head scissors battle trying to crush each other's skulls! A DEVASTATING guillotine has one of these muscle monsters in excruciating pain! "Tap or pass out!" Who will win the Guns Out/Quads Out Battle?