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Full Nelson Thunders arena

Eagle vs Steel - Bodybuilder Battle 108

$ 31.25

The match you all have been waiting to see!  WHO HAS THE STRONGEST MOST POWERFUL THIGHS IN THUNDER'S ARENA!  

That's right Mr. Mike finally heard the fans when they say, "Hey we love bearhug challenges, but what about other moves to see who is the STRONGEST wrestler at Thunders!"  So we put our 2 biggest wrestlers with the biggest thighs against each other for our first ever HEAD SCISSORS / BODY SCISSORS challenge!  

Eagle has some serious thigh muscles and he brags all the time behind the scenes that his thighs are all real power, not just for show.  Steel over heard him bragging and accepted that challenge to see who has the strongest and most powerful thighs in Thunder's in our first ever head to head head scissors and body scissors challenge!  Which ever wrestler has the most submissions by head scissors or body scissors at the end will be declared the winner!  

Last year Steel and Eagle tangled in a contest that's still a high point of the Vegas Battles series. This one's even better. The wrestlers, well matched, well trained, and well equipped with mutual disdain, make perfect antagonists, imbuing the match with more suspense than I usually expect to find outside a squared circle. Posing shots alternate with give and take, with proper emphasis on the latter. Eagle and Steel deliver maximum body contact, mixing pumped-up grappling with gut-punching and ball-twisting. The weapons of choice are Steel's and Eagle's big thighs. Deft camerawork captures the oceanic violence of these bodies in motion. What with the blue evening light in the background and the glow of the wrestlers' skin, the fight manages to be both dreamlike and explosive.

- A big thanks to Ringside for the great description!