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Eagle vs Vidar - Vegas Battles 61

$ 25.95

Whose ready for a battle of the big boys? With SO MUCH MUSCLE, we may need a bigger mat! "I heard you're pretty tough. You ready for this?" Vidar towers over Eagle flexing his powerful pythons, but the vet is not impressed, "I just see height!" The goliaths have a pose off comparing biceps each battling for the spotlight. "I'm obviously better than you. I'm built like a Greek god," proclaims Eagle. Vidar laughs, "I'm bigger!" and challenges the vet to a back pose, but he has other plans. Eagle charges in wrapping his biceps around the giant in a massive front bearhug! Vidar has never been SQUEEZED like this before and moans in pain. The Adonis transitions to a tight full nelson but can't keep the big man locked in, and he escapes. The titans lock up. Eagle WRENCHES the giant's arm around bringing him to his knees and wraps his bulging bicep around his throat. Vidar's face is pure torture as he struggles to breathe. "Get a big guy to his knees; you can get him in anything you want!" Eagle drops the behemoth face first to the mat, grabs his TREE TRUNK legs and delivers a crippling Boston crab! Vidar is in agony, claws at the mat to escape, and flexes out! The giant stumbles to his feet ready for revenge and wraps his pythons around the Greek god in a BACK-BREAKING bearhug shaking him up and down! Eagle clutches his aching back, recovers, and brings the big man down for a vicious BANANA SPLIT! "These big legs, pull that groin open!" Vidar howls in pain close to tapping out but escapes. The behemoth gets to his feet and traps Eagle in a one handed headlock. "I'm flexing and putting you in a headlock!" taunts Vidar. Eagle summons his strength and launches the giant down wrapping his QUADS OF STEEL around his skull in a standing head scissors, "big man; little head!" The giant is dazed from the pressure but able to retaliate with a CRUSHING body scissors. "Ahh my ribs!" "I may have a little head, but I have big legs!" Eagle stumbles to his feet as Vidar wraps his MEATHOOK hands around his throat in a two-handed choke taking him down to his knees! Shockingly, the Adonis breaks the giant's grip retaliating with a massive belly to belly bearhug dropping the big man down. A SIDE-SPLITTING body scissors has the 260 pound Vidar barely able to get to his feet when he is picked up in a fireman's carry and SHAKEN up and down. "My ribs!" Eagle transitions to a bearhug as the giant begs for mercy, "Please!" The muscle hunk SQUEEZES tighter as the behemoth crumbles to the mat nearly passing out! "This is Eagle's domain!" "Vidar's not done yet!" moans the giant. The back and forth power of these goliaths is INSANE: multiple bearhugs, camel clutches, Boston crabs, sleepers, a FLYING BODY SCISSORS! Which muscle monster will come out on top? Fans of heavyweight match ups, you will not be disappointed!