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posing flexing muscles tattoos sexy biceps pecs mat wrestling

Eagle vs Wildcard - No Holds Barred 118

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Bodybuilder vs Model This is a match to determine who is better, bodybuilders or models? Thick bodybuilder Wildcard, 5'8" 240lbs, is ready to take on the ripped model Eagle, 5'11" 200lbs. Both wrestlers do a pose off, flexing and comparing bodies. Eagle thinks you don't make money for bodybuilding. You make money for photo shoots and magazine covers. Wildcard says he's never known a bodybuilder to get his ass kicked by a model. The match is on! Wildcard takes Eagle to the mat in a tight schoolboy pin. He then locks Eagle in a sleeper hold demanding he admit who is better: bodybuilders or models? Eagle refuses to say, and Wildcard applies his signature SKULL CRUSHING reverse head scissors! Eagle is able to break the hold and pec claws Wildcard's beefy pecs. Wildcard mocks him saying thanks for the massage and let's Eagle put him in a head scissors. BIG MISTAKE! Eagle takes advantage and rolls Wildcard around the mat with his head scissors locked in. Wildcard takes Eagle down, but Eagle locks him in a TRIANGLE CHOKE ARMBAR! Wildcard shows his strength and picks Eagle up while in the hold, slamming him to the mat. Eagle goes for a cross body pin. Wildcard rolls to his stomach and easily does push ups with the model on his back! Eagle takes advantage and puts Wildcard in a crippling sleeper/body scissor combination! The bodybuilder is OUT!! Eagle wakes Wildcard up by delivering a vicious Boston crab! Wildcard laughs and refuses to tap out saying it was a great stretch. Wildcard picks up Eagle in a lifted front bearhug. Eagle breaks the hold by ball clawing Wildcard! He puts Wildcard in a MASSIVE side headlock. Wildcard asks for mercy. Eagle refuses, and Wildcard collapses to the mat. Eagle puts Wildcard in a body scissors and has him moaning in pain! The 240lb bodybuilder can't even stand up. Eagle straddles Wildcard's thick back and delivers a VICIOUS camel clutch choking him out. Wildcard is dragged on the mat, and Eagle puts him in a head scissor/ball claw combination! The model is DOMINATING the bodybuilder!! Eagle picks Wildcard up off the mat with a ball claw locked in and stretches out the giant over his leg!! Wildcard falls down; Eagle picks him up and does it again. The match ends with one wrestler laid out on the mat and must ultimately admit who is better: bodybuilders or models? Will it be Wildcard or Eagle? Buy this match to find out!