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Championship Round - Hero vs. Kevlar - Custom Video Series 123

$ 17.99
$ 23.49

Thunders Arena FIRST EVER 5-Man East Coast Tournament!

Championship Round

After an epic 3 match tournament, the championship match is set. Hero has an injured shoulder after being beat on by Iceman18. He struggled, but left the wrestling mat with a win. Kevlar destroyed Dr. Pretty Pretty Boy in round 1. In round 2, he took advantage of a distraction and put Dom9 to sleep. 

Hero and Kevlar step into the camera face to face. The 6'5" Kevlar obviously has the size advantage over the smaller Hero. The match starts with both wrestlers struggling back and forth to gain the upper hand. Hero puts on a display on power and grit while fighting through his injury. The much larger Kevlar just will not stop coming and eventually wears down Hero. Stretched out and tired, both wrestlers fight to the finish to be crowned the East Coast Champion. Who will be the best coming into 2021?