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Eric Fury vs Big Sexy - Battlespace 52

$ 25.95

Put two of Thunders toughest and sexiest wrestlers together and you get one smoking hot video. Big Sexy comes up behind Eric Fury, who is sitting on the couch, and squirts lotion onto Erics beautifully muscled chest. Erics meteoric temper kicks in and he calls Big Sexy a creep. The two muscle gods roll from the couch to the mat, with Eric asking How do you like that party boy as he momentarily gets the advantage, sitting on Big Sexy. But Big Sexy quickly regains control, applying more lotion to Erics chest. Give or sleep Big Sexy says as he puts Eric in a sleeper. Eric eventually submits, giving Big Sexy the first round, which he celebrates with a magnificent victory flex in his bikini briefs. Big Sexy demonstrates his impressive wrestling skills throughout the match with amazing leg locks, upside down bear hugs and over the knee back breakers. But Eric is a brutally tough competitor and gives Big Sexy a dose of tough domination with lots of physical and verbal abuse. He sits on Big Sexy while giving a victory flex, tells Big Sexy hes going to make him his bitch, shoves Big Sexys face into his chest telling him Thats a man right there - and plenty more. The match comes to a decisive conclusion as Eric puts big Sexy into a sleeper, telling him You better give up bitch. What happens next you will not want to miss. You will watch this one over and over.