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Jake puts Fab into a sleeper at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Kurt Fletcher vs Jake - Rough & Ready 120

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

It's an intense Battle of Pro vs Joe as real life pro-wrestler Kurt takes on his BIGGEST challenge yet, a 210lbs bodybuilder! Jake walks in on the young newb flexing, "Who's this? Came in here, and it looks like I'm in a kindergarten class. How old are you?" "Twenty-one, let's see what you got!" The vet flexes his mountains of muscle as Kurt joins in mocking, "You got a lot of show muscles, but I don't think you got a lot of real muscles!" The confident rookie challenges him to an arm wrestling match which Jake easily wins taunting the pro, "Little boy muscle that's what that is!" Kurt gets up and a shoving match breaks out. Jake charges in with a fireman's takedown, mounts his victim's abs, and begins CRUSHING him with his quads of steel. The rookie groans in pain as the muscle giant transitions to a leg cradle so tight Kurt is eating his knees! Somehow, the Irish challenger escapes and HAMMERLOCKS the beast taking him down. "How's that feel?" "Ahh that hurts!" The pain is short lived as Jake flips Kurt over in another cradle. "Want me to sing you a bedtime story? It's like toying with a little kid!" The pro battles back with a massive rear bearhug, but he can't capitalize as the joe traps him in a scissors/sleeper combo. "How's it feel to be choked out? Soon everything's gonna get really dark!" Kurt struggles but breaks away HAMMERING Jake's bicep with forearm after forearm then a brutal arm bar. "Not my arm!" groans the powerhouse as he barely escapes delivering a crushing head scissors while flexing for the fans. Kurt struggles to stay conscious as Jake shows mercy and let's him go offering him a free punch. The Irish stud stands to his feet, winds up, and gut punches the muscle beast as hard as he can! A surprised Jake doubles over in pain, "You got the air out of me there!" He punches again dropping the behemoth to the mat and rolls him into a cradle of his own, "It's your turn!" Jake uses his powerful quads to break out and locks in a SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissors. "Feel that squeeze! You giving up yet?" Kurt's face is pure torture, but he refuses to submit clutching his aching head. Another sucker punch sends Jake crumbling to the mat as Kurt arm bars and scissors his powerful pythons behind his head! "Tap out!" "Ahh it hurts!" The muscle beast can't take the pain and is forced to tap out. "That's right, whose the man!" With Jake down on the mat, Kurt tries for an ab stretch, but the big man breaks away with a full nelson/scissor combo and GATOR ROLLS his victim around the mat. Jake wraps his bulging bicep around Kurt's throat, and soon he is counting sheep. "It was too easy!" The back and forth battle continues, and a brutal declaration is made, "Told you I wasn't gonna hurt you; I'm just gonna break you!" Arm bars, body splashes, gut punches, back-breaking bearhugs, a TORTURE RACK! Will it be the Pro or the Joe? Find out today!