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thunders wrestling camel clutch

Kurt Fletcher vs Joey King - Rough & Ready 118

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Get ready for one of the most BRUTAL matches we have ever filmed! Two real life pro-wrestlers will battle it out, but only one will be left standing! The Irish muscle stud Kurt sizes up his competition, but Joey King is not impressed, "Everyone keeps talking about your abs, but I don't really see anything. I got abs, and I got hair all over them." The vet challenges the naive rookie to flex for the fans showing off his "abs" leaving him wide open for a vicious sucker punch! Kurt doubles over in pain as Joey UNLEASHES with blow after blow to the gut then locks in a tight full nelson, "Come on Carrot Top, you smell like a spray tan. Show me those obliques!" The newbie struggles to break away and is dropped down in a CRIPPLING camel clutch. Kurt is in agony; his chiseled back is stretched to the max as he learns of his tormentor's plan. Joey explains the beating will continue until he declares Joey is King. "Joey's a b****!" Wrong answer! Kurt is slammed face first into the mat and struggles to his feet. Back and forth punches, gut punches, and chest chops, these pros are out to DESTROY each other! Joey is first to capitalize delivering a bow and arrow demanding he submit, "You gonna tell em?" Kurt still refuses to give in, "You old b****!" The seasoned vet isn't about to be disrespected by a young newb and punishes him more: gut punches, elbow drop, an EXCRUCIATING ankle lock! "I'll break it down limb by limb!" Kurt screams in agony but continues calling the vet old sending him into a blind rage! Joey picks up the rookie's leg and drives his knee up and down into the mat trying to break it! The Irish muscle stud rolls on the mat writhing in pain as the devious Joey locks in a LEG-BREAKING Boston crab to his already damaged knee! "You got more to say Carrot Top? I can do this all day!" With Kurt defenseless on the mat, Joey releases his hold, uses the rookie's back as a punching bag, and locks in a modified STF! The newb's face is pure torture, but he still refuses to give in, "You're the king of b****es!" Joey wraps his victim up in a brutal figure four leg lock, "Tap any time!" Out of nowhere, Kurt rolls over reversing the figure four as Joey cries out in pain barely able to stand! The rookie locks in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson of his own mocking the vet, "Who's the king now? You're too old for this!" Kurt slams Joey face first into the mat and flexes in victory, but this BRUTAL battle is far from over! Rakes to the eyes, ankle locks, multiple OVERHEAD PRESSES, and gut punches so hard you will be feeling the pain just watching it! Will Kurt finally admit Joey is King or escape with the victory?