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Faboo puts Kasee into a head scissors at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Kurt Fletcher vs KaSee - Rough & Ready 119

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Fans of scissors and gut punches, wait until you see the incredible power of our newest rookie, Kurt! "What's up new guy?" "Just checking out these chicken legs down here!" Kasee isn't about to be insulted by a rookie, and a flex off begins comparing size. "I think I'm gonna call you Princess Ella. You look like a pretty little princess with your long hair!" Kurt is a real life pro-wrestler, "I don't know what to think of you. I see a lot going on, but nothing that does it for me!" He challenges the vet to a push up contest but breaks away delivering a surprise BACK-BREAKING camel clutch! Kasee groans in pain, "That was a cheap new guy move!" Kurt transitions to an arm bar and yanks on the vet's face, "Let's mess up that pretty little face of yours. These are some real arms right here!" The Irish muscle stud flexes his bulging biceps, forces his victim to his feet, and locks in a crushing belly to back bearhug! "Ahh my ribs!" Kurt SQUEEZES tighter demanding Kasee give up, but he refuses and is clubbed down to the mat, "Not bad for a new guy!" The newbie is just getting started and picks up the powerless Kasee in a front bearhug SHAKING him like a rag doll! "You like my ribs; don't you?" screams the vet in complete agony. The beating continues with kicks and stomps. "You still gonna call me princess?" Kurt delivers a brutal rib claw as Kasee gasps for air, "That's still just a princess grip!" A massive bow and arrow begins to wear Kasee down as he begs for mercy, but the Irish destroyer has other plans: body scissors, gut punches, bearhugs, a NECK-BREAKING full nelson! "You ready to quit now? This is real power!" The vet is being broken down limb by limb, but refuses to give up, "Why don't you put some conditioner in your hair!" A barrage of BRUTAL gut punches leaves one wrestler's abs completely destroyed, as he pleads, "I can't feel them anymore!" You think the match will be over, but oh no, it gets much worse with crushing sleepers and multiple head scissors! The winner promising, "No one's gonna save you!"