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Fang holds Duke down at Thunders Arena Wrestling

Fang vs Duke - No Holds Barred 114

$ 31.25

"Are you kidding me, this is who I'm supposed to fight?" Duke in his yellow squared trunks and leather vest/gloves, walks in and is not impressed! His opponent: the 182 pound, much smaller Fang with red trunks pulled straight up his ass like a thong. Fang calls Duke a "leather bitch". Duke calls Fang a boy, proclaiming, "You know how this is gonna end!" Fang isn't scared, "We'll see!"
Out of nowhere, Fang picks up the "leather bitch" in a MASSIVE front bearhug! Duke breaks away and bearhugs him back. Fang escapes and goes for another bearhug parading the bodybuilder around the mat. "Leather don't make you so tough. Carry you around like my little bitch!" says Fang. Duke bearhugs Fang again, BODYSLAMS him, then straddles his chest pinning Fang to the mat. "You're gonna pay for this!" says Fang. They lock up, Duke applies a SKULL-CRUSHING side headlock. Fang begins muscle worshipping Duke's rock hard abs and chest while in the hold. Duke tells the "boy" to give, but he refuses. Next, he goes for an arm lock, but Fang still won't give. Fang balls claws Duke. "I got you right where I want you!" He YANKS Duke's leather vest off him and puts him in a body scissor/sleeper hold. "Do you know what happens to wanna be biker boys?" Fang MUSCLE WORSHIPS Duke's chest and abs again; he can't get enough of ALL THAT MUSCLE! He puts Duke in a full nelson shaking him from side to side, but Duke is able to flex out. The two muscle hunks begin rolling around the mat. Duke digs his knee in Fang's abs and CHOKES him with one hand. He then reverse head scissors Fang, muscle worships his chest, and ball claws him! "You like that?" Duke begins twisting Fang's nipples, but he escapes. Fang lifts Duke in RIB-CRUSHING front bearhug then straddles his chest pinning him to the mat. Fang begins CHOKING Duke. The "leather bitch" starts to pass out! Fang changes positions, sits on Duke's chest, and chin locks him to put him to sleep. AMAZINGLY, Duke throws Fang off him and rolls Fang up in a TIGHT pin! Fang can't breath and taps out!!
"You don't got a chance; look at this!" Duke flexes for the camera. Fang gets back up and is PUNCHED in the face by Duke!! "Cheap shot!" Fang is PISSED. They lock up, and Duke ELBOWS Fang in the head! Duke is definitely playing dirty. "You gonna cry, come on!" Fang wrenches Duke's arm behind his back. Duke begs for him to lighten up, but he refuses. Fang gets Duke back to back with himself, locks up their arms, and carries Duke on his back bouncing him up and down! Fang leans over; Duke falls to the mat right on the back of his head!
The match ends with a MASSIVE full nelson submission! "Time to meet your maker! Submit!" The winner SHAKES the loser from side to side in the full nelson until they submit and pass out on the mat!!The winner plants his foot on the loser's back and walks away in victory. Will it be the "boy" Fang or the "leather bitch" Duke? You gotta buy it to find out!