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fang iceman18 mens muscle wrestling thunders arena flex abs

Fang vs Iceman18 - No Holds Barred 110

$ 34.75

Muscle Worship Madness!
Fans of MUSCLE WORSHIP, have we got a match for you! The match begins with Fang doing push ups on the mat. Iceman18 plants his foot on Fang's back showing his dominance from the start. Both introduce themselves. Immediately, Fang MUSCLE WORSHIPS Iceman's left arm and chest. Iceman headlocks Fang turning him to the right side. "Now do this arm!"
"I like it!" Fang begins MASSAGING his shoulders. "Go deeper!" commands Iceman. Fang doesn't listen and is THROWN to the mat. "Start at the bottom and work your way up!" orders Iceman. The slave rubs his master's calves and quads. "More, more!" Iceman isn't happy with Fang's massage and HEAD SCISSORS him. "You're done. You get to submit, then you get to touch!" Fang's head is CRUSHED, and he TAPS OUT!
Fang massages Iceman's thick quads. "You're so strong!" says the slave. Iceman hugs Fang telling him to massage his back. "Go deeper, you're not doing it right!"  Iceman turns his back, and Fang massages his more. The slave has had enough and locks in a TIGHT sleeper forcing Iceman to his knees. "How's that feel? Not so tough now are you!"
Iceman HURLS Fang over his shoulder, mounts him, and CHOKES him with two hands. Fang starts MUSCLE WORSHIPPING Iceman's chest and arms. "You're so strong. They never told me Iceman was so muscular and sexy!" says Fang. The master stands up, and the slave worship his legs. 
Iceman lays on top of Fang and CHOKES him with one hand. The slave can't get enough and muscle worships him more. "Why don't you flex for me?" asks Fang. Both get up and the slave muscle worships from behind. He gets Iceman in a FULL NELSON. "You bastard!" Iceman breaks away and HEADLOCKS Fang ordering him to tap out. The slave taps out. "Give me another one, and you can touch this!" Fang taps AGAIN!
Fang worships Iceman's legs again. "Like a stallion!" says the slave. "I want more!" Iceman orders, but Fang doesn't listen. The master delivers a MASSIVE front bearhug then releases the hold. Fang is allowed more worship. "That's better!" Iceman stretches out his arms, and the slave smacks Iceman's butt. "What did you just do? Who do you think you are?" Iceman picks Fang up and BODYSLAMS him three times. "Pull a stunt like that on me!" 
Iceman mounts Fang, gut punching his victim, demanding he admit whose the greatest! "You've earned your place again!" Iceman lets Fang worship him again. "Don't try any funny business!" Fang starts to CHOKE Iceman and is thrown down. "From now on, I want you knee and below!" orders the master.
"Perfect, I like it!" Out of nowhere, Fang picks up Iceman and SLAMS him down. "What are you doing?" asks the master. Fang MOUNTS Iceman pinning his arms down and flexes for the camera. Iceman overpowers Fang and THROWS him off! Fang runs behind Iceman and puts him in a TIGHT sleeper! The master PASSES OUT, and the slave is victorious! Muscle worship fans, add this to your collection today!