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bear hug

Fang vs Professor Muscles - Mat Wars 87

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Fang has been getting more and more in to bodybuilding and started a new semester at university, he’s studying to be an engineer.  Well he met professor Muscles working out at the gym and became workout buddies.  Professor Muscle’s was all about trying to get Fang to pose better when during a posing practice session Fang started to get mouthy with him and the two started wrestling each other.  Fang joked about he usually gets paid to wrestle, and the professor was like what you talking about, I was a 2 time state champ in high school wrestling but gave it up for wrestling.  Fang then told him about Thunders and couldn’t wait to see how much he was going to make the Professor submit on a Thunders mat.

This turns into one of THE longest bearhug challenge “type” of matches we have ever filmed!  These two tear into each other and it was personally very real and egos were on the line to make each other submit.  Professor loves to punish guys with his massive pecs and arms!   The intense battle we don’t get to see very often between two young stallions fighting for who is alpha!  Enjoy gentleman this is going to be a new classic!  Other moves in this match are full Nelson’s and body scissors too all done with a fierce intensity we rarely see because neither muscle stud was going to back down!