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body builder tag team match

Felix and Sage vs Joey King and Brute - Ring Wars 69

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Tag Team Chaos!
We begin with a 1-on-1 match up with Felix and Sage. Sage locks in a wristlock. "Bloody hell!" Felix moans in pain and returns the favor. Sage begins gyrating his hips to distract Felix and breaks away. Both wrestlers battle in arm locks and headlocks. Felix even PEC BOUNCES Sage in the face with his beefy pecs! Sage locks in a rear bearhug, but Felix flexes out. "Do me!" Felix is happy to obey and BEARHUGS Sage back. They flex and compare arm sizes. Sage's biceps are ping pong ball size. Felix's biceps are baseball size. Sage BEARHUGS Felix again counting his abs. He full nelsons Felix and takes him down in a SNAPMARE. Sage digs his knee in Felix's back and YANKS on his neck and beard. 
Time for a TAG TEAM MATCH! The veterans Brute and Joey walk in making fun of the rookies' names and accents. "It's two jack-offs!" says Joey. The vets kick their opponents down, and Felix is THROWN out of the ring. Sage is DOUBLE TEAMED in the turn buckle. Joey YANKS on his neck while Brute kicks him. The rookies make fun of Joey's red beanie saying he looks like a dick. Joey stomps on then BODYSLAMS Sage. Sage keeps gyrating while he's being shoulder rammed in the turnbuckles! Brute begins choking him with the hat. "What do you think about that you English muffin?" says Joey. Brute BODYSLAMS Sage then tags in Joey. 
Felix jumps in the ring and pulls on Sage's arms to help him escape. Brute and Joey pull on Sage's legs. The vets get distracted, and Sage escapes. Felix begins PUNCHING Brute and Joey and RAMS their heads into each other! Felix throws big Brute into the turnbuckle then LAUNCHES Joey into Brute. Joey falls to the mat. Brute is dazed and falls face first into Joey's balls. "Pow right in the kisser!" says Felix. The rookies deliver MASSIVE TITTY TWISTERS to the vets while gyrating! Joey and Brute SCREAM in pain! 
The match ends with one tag team delivering SUPERKICKS to their opponents for a double 3 count! They may be down but not out. Both wake up and WANT REVENGE! One wrestler is taken out with a kick to the balls, and one wrestler is taken out in a SUPERKICK! Will it be the rookies or the veterans? Buy this tag team match to find out!