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camel clutch

Felix vs Peter - Ring Wars 65

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Pro vs Joe
British pro-wrestler Felix is about to teach average joe Peter why you don't mess with the best! "I used to be tiny like you. Look at me now. I'm jacked, stacked, and juicy baby!" says Felix. He tells Peter to flex. "That's pathetic. I've seen more meat on a chicken's leg than on your entire body!" Peter replies, "I like the way I look!" Felix laughs, "I've seen woman that look more manly than you!" Peter SLAPS Felix. "Did you just slap me like a little bitch?" Felix slaps Peter. Peter SLAPS Felix back, and this match is on!
Felix THROWS Peter across the ring, KICKS him in the turnbuckle, and HEADBUTTS him down! The pro gets the joe in a SNAPMARE TAKEDOWN. "Now say sorry like the little bitch you are!" Peter says no and SLAPS Felix. The pro THROWS the joe into the corner and RAMS his head repeatedly into the turnbuckle. "You look like Harry Potter but you don't have a scar!" says Felix as he GOUGES Peter's eyes. 
"Ready to apologize yet? You ever wants kids?" Peter doesn't answer and is KICKED in the balls. "You look so cute when you're mad!" Felix HEADBUTTS him again. "This is way too easy! I could do this for another 60 minutes. Wouldn't even break a sweat!" 
Felix DOUBLE FISH HOOKS Peter's face, and he SCREAMS in pain! Peter recovers, runs behind Felix, and ROLLS HIM UP for a pin, but the veteran escapes. "Cheeky!" They lock up in a game of mercy. "Focus all of your energy!" coaches Felix as he KICKS him down. "You gonna give up yet?" "I'm 220 pounds of pure juice. Feel this dream!" Felix tries to have Peter feel his bicep. "I ain't feeling that shit!" 
Felix gives Peter a chance to leave and sits on the rope, so he can climb out. Peter KICKS the rope damaging Felix's balls. "Payback, a nut for a nut!" Peter begins PUNCHING and KICKING Felix. The pro takes the joe down and KICKS him in the balls twice. "Deep breaths. You got this!"
Felix gets Peter in a SNAPMARE TAKEDOWN, digs his knee in his back, and YANKS on his arms. He locks in a MASSIVE sleeper, and the joe goes to sleep! "Guess you just want a hug don't you?" Felix picks up Peter in a MASSIVE front bearhug SHAKING him around. "Are you sorry yet? 
Felix gives Peter another chance to leave, but he refuses. "I'm gonna break your little legs sunshine!" OUT OF NOWHERE, Peter trips Felix and locks in a CAMEL CLUTCH. "Bloody hell!" Peter calls Felix a little bitch. "I'm gonna shave this disgusting British beard off, see how much of a man you are!" "I'll show you a man!" Felix backs Peter into the turnbuckle and delivers a Boston crab. Peter SCREAMS in pain!
"Surprise!" Felix lifts Peter in another MASSIVE bearhug. "I gave you the choice to leave, but you said no!" Peter screams, "Please let go!" and PASSES OUT on the mat.