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Finn McCool vs Bart - Vegas Battles 20

Finn McCool vs Bart - Vegas Battles 20

$ 32.95

After his epic battle with Scrappy, Bart is back to take on Finn McCool in a Vegas showdown!  The two go straight into the match with a lock up.  Finn, in blue trunks, gets the advantage with a rear bearhug.  Finn muscles Bart to the mat, slapping on an arm bar that has Bart grimacing!  Finn is keen to keep the advantage, locking on a choke, then a Camel Clutch!  Finn’s pecs bulge as he pulls back on Bart’s chin - this is definitely not what Bart had in mind!  But whilst Finn might have muscle, Bart is one of the most skilled wrestlers we’ve ever seen – he trips Finn to the mat and immediately traps his leg, warping the knee and causing real pain to the bodybuilder!  Bart holds Finn’s arm above his head, exposing his pecs – “Gimme that nipple!”  Bart grabs Finn’s pec, twisting and crushing until Finn cries out in agony.  Bart switches up to a suspended leg lock, but Finn manages to trip Bart, sending him crashing to the mat.  Finn grabs Bart’s leg for an ankle lock, flexing an impressive bicep pose as he grinds the crippling hold!  Finn follows him down to the mat, slapping on a choke hold before yanking back on Bart’s shoulder in a painful stretch!  Finn trash talks Bart as he clamps on a DOUBLE CHICKEN WING!!  But Finn can’t hold it and Bart seizes his chance – quick as lighting, Bart whirls around and hauls Finn’s legs off the mat in a Cloverleaf submission hold!  Finn refuses to submit, even as Bart converts it to a full Boston Crab!  Bart clearly has more work to do on the muscle stud, but Finn is far from done – he grabs Bart’s ankle, bringing him down to the mat and applies a back-breaking crab of his own!  Finn traps Bart’s arms, but he doesn’t give in.  Bart manages to get an arm loose and that’s all he needs – in a flash, Finn finds himself on his back with his arm trapped in Bart’s armlock!  Bart works over his man, but Finn give as good as he gets!

The action doesn’t let up as the two gladiators trade holds.  Schoolboy pins, clutches, arm locks and SO much nipple punishment!  A devastating scissor / sleeper combo has Finn going out, but bart doesn’t stop there, oh no – he’s got more in mid for the bodybuilder!  But Finn isn’t ready to concede the match and Bart again finds himself trapped face down with Finn working his arm!  Showing off his immense strength, Bart clamps on a rear bearhug, tossing Finn around like he’s paper!  Leglocks, pins, takedowns, more nipple punishment (from both wrestlers!), bodyslams and INTENSE bearhugs all lead up to an incredible Torture Rack finish that leaves one wrestler out cold and under foot!  Add this non-stop match to your collection today!