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Blayne puts Finn McCool into a boston crab at Thunders Arena Wrestling

Finn McCool vs Blayne - Saint Patrick's Day Battle

$ 34.75

Finn McCool was admiring his lettuce garden, in Irish fashion he wants his St.Patties day full of green. Blayne on the other hand is not feeling the holiday excitement, or the color green,  taunting Finn McCool. Making Finn see more red than green. Finn shoves Blayne down hard and chokeholds him, trying to make him quickly submit. Blayne wasn’t having that! He throws Finn over his shoulders and onto a couch, trying to muscle him down, but he’s the little guy here, it only backfires! Finn wraps the shirt around Blayne’s throat choking and taunting him, but Blayne wont waver. The more Finn teases him the bigger the flame it ignites in Blayne, you can feel the fury in him when he says he wont go against his word, he springs up and bearhugs Finn! Blayne turns the bearhug into a full nelson, stretching out Finns abs, only for it to be reversed on him. Blayne barely manages to squeeze out of the full nelson, desperate to get back on top he smashes Finn in the groin, making him topple over in pain. In this back and forth battle who will come out on top? will the luck of the Irish prevail?