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Finn McCool vs. Dom9 - Custom Video Series 144

$ 34.75

Dom9 is tired of hearing his name come out of Finn's mouth. Dom isn't the type of guy who lets things happen, so he rings up Finn to confront him. Finn admits to Dom's accusations but then asks, "What're you gonna do about it?" Dom hangs up then calls up Mr. Mike demanding a match against Finn McCool. Dom is eager to get his hands on Finn. The moment he sees Finn, in his gym clothes, working out in the garage, he wastes no time trying to get his hands on Finn. Unbeknownst to Dom, Finn has studied up on some of his tricks and weaknesses from Iceman and Dr. Pretty Boy. Finn counters Dom and puts him to to sleep in a chokehold! Finn lays out Dom and starts to dress down to just his briefs, throwing his clothes onto a slowly waking Dom. Finn starts flexing repeatedly saying, "You don't want none of this," showing off his arms, abs, back, and glutes. While flexing, Finn gives a groggy Dom the chance to get up. Dom feigns respect to Finn, he extends a hand shake while approaching Finn, "You got me pretty good with that choke," Finn reaches out to shake Dom's hand when he suddenly reaches out his other hand to hit Finn with a low blow! Finn's eyes widen as he is hit with a vicious low blow. Finn realizes he's gotta resort to playing down to Dom's level. An intense back and forth with low-blows and wedgies leads to neither guy holding back in this score settling match. Even with new moves and dirty tactics up his sleeve, Dom is taken down and put to sleep by Finn's chokehold. An intense match leads to one stud victorious over his long-time rival and says, "Like I tell everyone, you're nothing but a little b*tch."