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Finn McCool vs Dom9 vs Dr. Pretty Boy - Custom Video Series 127

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Dr. Pretty Boy and Finn McCool are having a conversation in the mat-room, and Dr. Pretty Boy breaks the news to Finn that Dom9 has been talking smack about Finn behind his back. The conversation continues until Dom9 walks in after a workout and Finn confronts him about what he is saying behind his back. Finn admits he may be a bit rusty and needs some practice. Dr. Pretty Boy then hops up on the bench and drops an elbow into Finn throwing him off balance and crashing into Dom9. Tensions climb as an angry Dom says it's time to get that practice in and both him and Finn strip down to their wrestling attire. The two powerful studs start with bearhugs. A timid Finn is shoved away by Dom saying he needs to really commit. Finn then locks in a tight bearhug and Dom can't help but groan with pain. After getting out, Dom aggressively locks in a bearhug of his own while talking about how much Finn can learn from his moves. Dr. Pretty Boy then steps onto the mat, strips down, and joins in on the match. A three way flex off puts all the muscle on center stage. Each man showing off each muscle and comparing to each other. The muscle comparison comes to a screeching halt when it comes to the glutes and Dom "doesn't want to embarrass" the other guys. When the conversation turns to if the muscles work or not, Finn and Dom lock up in a test of strength. Chest and biceps begin to strain with each wrestler going back and forth until Finn dismisses Dom onto the mat. Taking advantage, Finn runs and locks up Dom in a solid full nelson. Dom breaks out after a struggle and hits Finn with a BRUTAL LOW BLOW before throwing him against the wall and delivering a series of HARD GUT PUNCHES. A defense-less Finn is brutalized before being thrown away and laid out on the mat. Dom turns his attention to Dr. Pretty Boy to approach him about why he told Finn about him saying he wasn't a good wrestler. A headlock turns into a sleeper hold as Dom forces Dr. Pretty Boy to confess what he did. Dom asserts his dominance lifting Pretty Boy over his shoulder and flexing before throwing him to the mat. He lifts him back up and puts in a full nelson. Frustrated with Pretty Boy's betrayal, Dom continues his destruction. Using headscissors as a way to slam Pretty Boy's face into the mat before transitioning into a figure four choking him out while an injured Finn looks on. Dom then stretches Pretty Boy out over his knees. As he is about to tap out, Finn pushes Pretty Boy off and jumps on Dom. Lifting him into a pec popping chest to chest bearhug, Finn wears down his former friend, before Dom breaks out and returns the bearhug in a more excruciating version. Fighting in and out of consciousness, Finn struggles out and a battle of brearhugs continue with both men fighting for air. Finn drops Dom and lifts him back up over his shoulder while flexing his pumped up biceps. An exhausted Dom is then stretched out in a banana split by Finn, and Pretty Boy takes the opportunity to jump in so they can double team Dom. An array of double team moves wear Dom down slowly, including a DOUBLE BOSTON CRAB, DOUBLE OVER THE KNEE BACKBREAKER, a DOUBLE TORTURE RACK. When Dom finally passes out from the pain, an arrogant Dr. Pretty Boy tries to take all the credit. Finn disagrees that Dr. Pretty Boy did the work and decides to turn on his teammate. Who will be the last man standing?