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single leg lift

Finn McCool vs Iceman18 - Water Wars 8

$ 33.33
$ 35.00

"Beach season baby, beautiful day!" Iceman18 sits poolside soaking in the sun flexing his bulging biceps when his tranquil waters are disturbed by an intruder. "What are you doing? Get out of my pool!" orders the muscle beast as Finn McCool starts swimming around. "Nah man, it's a public pool. I ain't getting out!" RAGE coarses through the bodybuilder's veins as he jumps in ready to attack, "Nah man? How about yes sir, right away sir!" Iceman18 squeezes the arrogant stud tight to his chest forcing him again and again under water, "I don't like you in my pool!" Finn is in trouble as the blonde behemoth wraps his quads of steel around him in a CRUSHING body scissors and bearhugs his arms down to his sides. Underwater, the camera follows the intense action as Finn struggles to stay standing. With his victim winded, Iceman18 climbs out of the pool delivering a FLYING CLOTHESLINE nearly knocking him out! The calm waters quickly turn into a wave pool as both muscle hunks try drowning each other with power move after power move. Iceman18 barrels in with a tight belly to back bearhug, but Finn breaks away with a MID-AIR slam sending the burly beast deep under water. "This is my pool now!" declares the Irish stud as his victim barely makes it to the pool bench gasping for air. Before he can recover, the devious McCool grabs Iceman18 by the throat and drags him face first back under. Hungry for payback, the blonde beast recovers with a CHOKESLAM of his own, "This is my pool; say it's my pool! You're gonna learn your lesson Irish man!" Groaning in pain, Finn refuses to submit, "Nope, it's my pool!" The non-stop brutal battle continues: crushing body scissors, tight full nelson, bearhugs, fireman's carry, bodyslams! Iceman18 climbs out of the water towering over his victim, "What you need to know is this is my pool, and you will treat it with respect!" A defiant Finn stand his ground, "Never!" Through the air, the blonde behemoth strikes with a FLYING DOUBLE KNEE then wraps his meathook hand around McCool's throat choking and dragging him to the pool bench! Barely moving, the Irish stud is wrapped up in a powerful body scissors and dunked in and out of the water sucking every last breath from his lungs! His beefy frame passes out in the tight embrace but wakes up before sinking to the bottom. "This is my pool!" declares Iceman18. You think it's all over, but it gets worse! The fight continues in and out of the water as both muscle hunks try and rip each other apart: an ARM-BREAKING hammerlock battle, grueling head scissor, bearhug battle, massive mercy challenge! A breathtaking finish leads to a sinister promise, "I will leave you dead in my pool. I'll let you stay here forever!"