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Finn McCool vs Kid Romeo - Custom Video Series 56

Finn McCool vs Kid Romeo - Custom Video Series 56

$ 22.22
$ 25.95

“Maybe I’m being too rough on you…”

Finn McCool is getting in some training, doing bicep curls in his favourite American Football shirt.  Enter Kid Romeo who notices the shirt and starts trashing the sport, saying how it’s overrated compared to “real football”!  Kid Romeo doesn’t let up – you can see Finn getting more and more annoyed with the smaller upstart!  They start tossing a ball back and forth when Kid starts charging at Finn!  Kid Romeo literally BOUNCES off of Finn McCool, tumbling to the mat!  Finn has had enough of Kid Romeo’s mouth and decides to teach him a lesson on the mats!  Finn follows Kid to the mats, trapping him in a Full Nelson and wrapping his legs around to keep Kid in place.  The rookie struggles as Finn flexes!  Finn switches to a choke hold, but Kid manages to escape and get back to his feet.  “Come on, soccer boy – let’s go!”  Finn is determined to shut Kid’s mouth up for good!  Finn takes Kid back down to the mat, wrenching his arms up in a seated surfboard.  Finn’s biceps bulge as he strains but Kid refuses to submit!  Finn drags Kid back to his feet and slaps on a massive Bearhug, squeezing the smaller Kid Romeo again and again!  Frustration shows on Finn’s face as Kid Romeo still doesn’t give, not even to Finn’s chokelift!  McCool strips Kid of his Thunder’s Arena shirt, leaving him in just his tight purple trunks.  Again Finn chokelifts his opponent and this time Kid has no choice but to give!  Finn THROWS him to the floor in disgust!

Kid Romeo is not going to let it end like that and gets to his feet, ready to continue.  He throws the ball at Finn, narrowly missing his groin and goes in for the attack.  Perhaps realising he’s going to have to fight dirty to have any chance, Kid rakes Finn’s eyes!  The disoriented musclestud is an easy target for Kid’s takedown and DEEP sleeper hold!  Kid Romeo’s arms are locked in TIGHT around Finn’s neck – the football hunk is out!  With the score even, Kid Romeo strips Finn of his beloved Cowboys shirt!  Kid Romeo brings Finn round, wrapping him up in a choke, before switching to an arm bar and then a leglock!  Kid is all over Finn, with the bodybuilder still feeling the effects of that devastating sleeper!  Kid changes his target, working on Finn’s abs with his legs!  Suddenly, Kid shows off his speed and clamps on another sleeper hold!  He may be smaller than Finn, but he has possibly the most effective Sleeper hold we’ve ever seen!  Try as he might, Finn just can’t break free and succumbs once again!  This time Kid Romeo strips Finn of his trousers, leaving him in red & blue trunks!

The action kicks up a notch as Finn trys to get back in the game, with Kid Romeo sensing victory is in his grasp!  Arm locks, leg locks, naked chokes, kicks, bearhugs, nelsons and more – Kid Romeo is relentless as he drives to put Finn away!  Can Finn come back and put the rookie in his place?  Or will he fall once again victim to Kid’s awesome sleeper hold?  Add this classic Little-vs-Big match to your collection today and see for yourself!