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Finn puts Kid Romeo into an over the knee back breaker at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Finn McCool vs Kid Romeo - Custom Video Series 92

$ 32.95

"I'm the goodest looking thing in this room! Calves bigger than some people's biceps, I got it all!" flexes Kid Romeo as his bigger prey watches in disbelief. "Look at that body! Them chicken legs, there's nothing to look at!" laughs Finn McCool. The muscle hunks fight for the spotlight comparing their biceps and chests. "I look better than you! Look at this chest, prime piece of meat right here!" taunts Finn grabbing a handful of his beefy pec. "Juicy man titty, that's what that is!" mocks Kid Romeo. With neither stud giving up an inch, an argument breaks out over who has the better glutes. Both begin showing off their money makers when an all-out BRAWL breaks out! Finn wraps his bulging bicep around the lightweight's throat dragging him to the mat for a RIB-CRACKING body scissors/armbar combo, "You feel that? Feel them glutes tighten?" Kid Romeo moans in pain struggling to escape, "Let me show you how it's done!" Incredibly, the small vet breaks free and surprises the big man with a head scissors, "How are those glutes for ya? Too easy!" "Don't feel anything!" brags the muscle beast until Kid Romeo flexes his quads tighter and tighter. Finn McCool's face is pure torture until the hold is released as he stumbles to his feet wanting revenge. "Chest to chest; let's go!" The burly bodybuilder wraps his powerful pythons around the lightweight in a CRUSHING front and rear bearhug, "My chest is better than yours!" Kid Romeo gasps for air, "This ain't about the chest; it's about the glutes!" Even in the bearhugs, both hunks flex and show off their beefy backsides before the small vet is SLAMMED to the mat. "Look at that; look at this, way better!" flexes Finn. The devious muscle beast towers over his victim wanting to rip him apart limb by limb! He digs his foot in Kid Romeo's chiseled back and yanks on his leg as he cries out in pain. Barely moving, Finn wraps the lightweight up in another tight bearhug SQUEEZING him on the mat. "You're too fat!" groans the small stud struggling to break the powerful embrace. "Too fat? I'm too fit! This is fit; this is s**t!" mocks Finn comparing his thick muscle to the small stud. Kid Romeo is in trouble as the bodybuilder tries breaking him apart with torturous stretches, bow & arrow, even DRIVING his face into the ground, "Eat that mat! Whose glutes are better?" Kid Romeo groans in agony refusing to submit, "Mine!" sending Finn into a rage stretching him even more. Barely holding on, the small stud finds enough strength to flip the big man over to his back, "It's my turn!" Kid Romeo straddles the dazed muscle beast and DROPS his weight again and again on his ripped abs knocking the wind out of him. His brutal beating continues: a two-handed choke, arm lock, body scissors, chest stretch! Finn McCool lays motionless on his belly as his tormentor locks on a vicious sleeper; his beefy frame is powerless to escape and passes out! Kid Romeo stands over the pile of muscle as his mind races, "What should we do? Let's get you up!" The back and forth battle of the best glutes RAGES on! A lift and carry, over the knee back breaker, and vicious wedgie leave one wrestler's backside wide open for a final ruthless beating!