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Finn McCool vs Scrappy - Vegas Battles 18

Finn McCool vs Scrappy - Vegas Battles 18

$ 25.95

Rookie sensation Finn McCool is back in Vegas, enjoying a session of posing in front of the mirror.  Scrappy looks on as Finn pumps and flexes his physique – of course, Scrappy’s ego can’t handle this and he decides to join in!  The two are comparing muscles when Scrappy suddenly gets behind Finn and slaps on a Full Nelson!  Scrappy pours on the pressure, but Finn is rebellious trash talking Scrappy even as he’s forced down to his knees!  Scrappy traps the bodybuilder, forcing him to watch as he flexes his own massive biceps!  Scrappy’s face is a picture of sadistic glee as he wraps his arm aroiund Finn’s neck for a slow, methodical Sleeper hold.  Scrappy takes them to the mat, trapping Finn in his legs and clamping on an armlock – Scrappy ratchets up the punishment with a muscle-tearing pec claw!

Back on their feet, Scrappy lifts Finn off the mat in a rear bearhug!  Finn is still flexing and posing, prompting Scrappy to apply a DOUBLE PEC CLAW to the rock-hard slabs of muscle!  As if that wasn’t enough, Scrappy uses the Pec Claws to lift Finn off the mat!  Scrappy is obsessed with Finn’s chest, clawing and stretching the mounds of muscle!  Suddenly Finn has had enough and breaks free, immediately locking up with his foe and trapping Scrappy’s arm in a double hammer lock!

Later that night, Scrappy is doing crunches when Finn comes up behind him and pulls him back onto the mat.  Finn manhandles Scrappy into a choke, flexing for the camera as he does.  But Scrappy manages to slip out, clamping on a choke of his own, again attacking Finn’s mountainous pecs for good measure!  Finn manages to prise Scrappy’s hands away and escape.  Finn wants to make Scrappy pay and slaps on a brutal Boston Crab, forcing Scrappy to kiss the mat!  Finn mounts Scrappy, choking him to the edge of oblivion!  But a desperate Scrappy finds superhuman strength and shoves Finn away!  The action becomes more intense as this becomes a battle of egos – and Scrappy may have the biggest ego of all!  Finn has the sadistic superstar trapped in his legs, but Scrappy was just biding his time – as Finn flexes, Scrappy seizes his chance and escapes!  Scrappy clamps on a revenge Crab, warping Finn’s spine!  Scrappy humiliates Finn, ramming his glutes hard into Finn’s lower back!  Scrappy keeps up the attack with Sleepers, chokes and a Full Nelson – but Finn powers out and slaps on an ankle lock / crab combo!  Finn’s pecs are seriously bulging as he slaps a stranglehold on Scrappy!

Can Finn capitalise and claim a victory over the Evolution of Ego?  Or will Scrappy make good on his promise to sleeper the musclestud out?  Get this match today and see for yourself!