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Finn McCool vs Turbo - Mat Rats 86

Finn McCool vs Turbo - Mat Rats 86

$ 25.95

Thunder’s alumnus Turbo is back to take on rising-star Finn McCool!  Finn has been getting a lot of attention from fans, so he’s out to make an impression – and he’s got his sights set on Turbo!

The action starts straight away – no preamble, no trash talk, just two guys going for it!  Finn, in red and blue trunks, catches Turbo in a headlock, but the mat veteran quickly trips him and sends Finn to the mat.  The two get to their feet – this time Finn goes low, but Turbo again reverses.  These two are all over each other as they grapple, but eventually Finn manages to get on top, riding Turbo into the mat and trapping his arm and wrenching Turbo’s shoulder!  Finn pulls back, the agony etched on Turbo’s face!  Taking advantage of Turbo’s pain, Finn quickly switches his focus to Turbo’s leg.  Finn clamps on a Single-Leg Crab, his glutes driving Turbo into the mat as he yanks up on Turbo’s leg!  Turbo is trapped with nowhere to go as Finn cranks it on HARD – but Turbo holds out and refuses to give in!  Finn releases the hold, leaving Turbo clutching his knee in pain.  But Finn isn’t known for his mercy – he’s right back on the attack, dragging Turbo off the mat and first into a rear bearhug, then a front before manhandling him into a painful ab stretch!  Another rib-snapping bearhug from Finn has Turbo flailing in agony, Finn’s widescreen lats flaring as he pours on the pressure.  Turbo is clearly in pain, but he manages to drop to the mat, escaping Finn’s crushing clutches!  The two lock up again and Turbo takes them both to the mat, only to suddenly find himself trapped on his stomach with Finn renewing the attack on his leg!  Finn revels in his domination, flexing and demanding Turbo’s submission – but the veteran still refuses to oblige!

The action is fast and relentless – Turbo just keeps coming back for more! Another lock up leads to a savage shoulder lock on Turbo, who has to endure Finn’s humiliating putdowns!  Both wrestlers gleam with sweat as Finn works Turbo over, humiliating him, hurting him and literally wiping the mat with him – but STILL, Turbo refuses to submit!  Turbo tries to turn Finn over, but the bodybuilder is just too strong – Turbo instead finds himself locked in Finn’s front face lock!  Finn crushes Turbo’s face into his PUMPED PECS, forcing him to taste his sweat!  Finn unleashes a barrage of brutality on Turbo, resulting in one of the most comprehensive, sweatiest and total beatdowns we have ever seen!  This is a side of Finn we haven’t seen before – a brutal, savage, sadistic torturer who delights in inflicting pain on is opponent!  But Turbo keeps taking everything Finn has to dish out!

Will Finn finally get the submission he craves from Turbo?  Will the Thunder’s veteran survive this incredible beatdown?  Can Turbo pull off an upset and defeat the musclestud?  Or will McCool the Merciless have his day?  Download this match today and see for yourself!