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Flaco against Hero & Eagle in Custom Video Series 110

$ 22.22
$ 25.95

A battle for the best muscles has Flaco in a 2-ON-1 handicap match! On the mat, Hero and Eagle do push-ups, stretch, and flex their rock-hard muscles when they are interrupted by Flaco. "You girls having a little flex party? I'm ready to take both of you on!" flexes Flaco declaring he is the best. The tag team laughs at the tiny Flaco as the trash talk continues. Hero strikes first wrapping Flaco in a tight headlock and tosses Flaco down yanking off his shirt. Flaco sees red and barrels in lifting Hero in a RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhug. "Ahh my back, you're strong!" groans a surprised Hero shaken around as he crumbles to the mat struggling for air. His blood boiling, Flaco drags Hero into a BRUTAL body scissors/arm-bar combo. "They call you Hero? You look like a little sidekick!" mocks Flaco. Hero screams in pain powerless to escape and feverishly taps out clutching his aching arm. "Nobody interrupts us, not when we're flexing!" yells an angry Eagle stepping in for his shot at the cocky lightweight. Not backing down, Flaco LEVELS the tag team to the ground with a double clothesline! "I can take on the sidekick and the featherless bird!" declares Flaco pulling Hero and Eagle to their feet in double headlocks parading them around the arena. Groaning in pain, the tag team suffers one-handed chokes, DOUBLE BEARHUGS, gut punches, and a double Boston crab! "I told you he's stronger than he looks!" moans Hero. The dominant Flaco flexes as Hero and Eagle use Flaco as a human ladder struggling to stand up. Wanting payback, Hero chops Flaco's chest over and over, but he feels nothing! Desperate, Eagle wraps Flaco in a tight full nelson as Hero POUNDS his abs with gut punches sending Flaco crashing to the mat. Flaco recovers and unleashes a WORLD OF PAIN never felt before! Chops to the chest and abs, brutal clothesline, crushing head scissor, sleepers, chokelifts, and hard-hitting gut punches lead to a pile of broken bodies on the mat! Has Flaco really become the new DOMINANT FORCE of Thunders?