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Freak vs Mutant - Bodybuilder Battle 84

$ 31.25

#3 Best Seller for November 2015

One 260 lbs former Marine trained in deadly hand to hand combat, in the other corner a 240 lbs former football player and bodybuilder turned male dancer.  Who will rein supreme?  This is an epic 25 minute battle you won't want to miss. They start out flexing and showing off for each other. Freak has got a mouth on him and is trash talking Mutant, he’s taller so he thinks that he’s got this match in the bag already. They start to grapple around and Mutant is the first to come through with a hold, getting Freak into a headlock down on the mat. Freak’s not phased, just talking about how smelly his armpits are down there. Mutant is ready to start shutting Freak up, he’s had enough of all the trash talk. They get up and go into a strength contest. They’re very evenly matched, so Mutant drops low and dives in to tackle Freak down to the mat. They continue grappling and Mutant is able to climb onto Freak and put him into a leg scissors and chokehold at the same time, crushing down on Freaks body from all over. Freak is relentless with his trash talk though, and is able to break free. He pins Mutant down and climbs on top, flexing and showing off for Mutant, giving him a front row show. Freak flips over Mutant and starts to choke him out, but Mutant manages to break free. Freak picks Mutant back up and over his shoulders into a painful fireman’s carry. He continues to show off by squatting Mutant a few times. Once he drops Mutant down to the mat, Mutant is ready for some revenge. He picks Freak up over his own shoulders, drops him down to the mat and then gets him into a leg hold, yanking down on his ankle. For the first time this match Mutant has Freak screaming instead of trash talking. He’s pretty excited about it, until Freak breaks free. Mutant doesn’t let him stay free for long and gets him back onto the mat to keep torturing his ankle. This time Freak continues to trash talk, so Mutant switches tactics. He flips Freak over and puts him into an intense camel clutch. Freak can’t even open his mouth to talk anymore, just grunt in pain. Freak breaks out after a bit and wants to put some physical pain on Mutant, not just talk. He pulls Mutant across into a strong ab stretch, it’s killing Mutant who is not very flexible. Freak and Mutant are two hugely ripped guys, very evenly skilled. This match is full of muscles, flexing, trash talking, and painful holds. Will Mutant shut Freak up in the end or will Freak prove he’s more than just his trash talking?