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tak freak headscissors submission hold submit pain torture choke thunders arena

Freak vs TAK - Mat Rats 63

$ 31.25

Freak and TAK are both big trash talkers, but Freak is about twice TAK’s size. Freak is laughing at TAK and how small he is, telling him he needs to prepare to be dominated by the muscle god. TAK just asks if he’ll be joining them shortly, and that makes Freak angry. He’s gonna have to show TAK that he is in fact the muscle god. He grabs TAK and puts him in a headlock and starts crushing down on his windpipes from the beginning to shut him up. He turns him around and puts a strong full nelson on him, lifting him up off the ground easily. TAK isn’t impressed, he’s faced lots of big guys, Freak is going to have to do a lot more before he’s concerned. Freak is ready to do just that! He starts absolutely handling TAK like a rag doll, picking him and throwing him against the wall, dropping him down to the ground, he’s 240 pounds of pure muscle and he can just do whatever he wants to the little TAK. TAK still has quite the mouth on him though, so Freak decides to put him into some more painful holds so he can’t talk. He drops TAK down and puts him into a killer surfboard, yanking his body backwards. TAK’s just struggling futilely, he’s in so much pain all he can do is grunt and Freak’s so strong he can barely pull against him at all. After torturing TAK in that for awhile, he picks TAK up and drops him down across his knee into a backbreaker. Move after move Freak is just destroying TAK who can barely take a minute to catch his breath. TAK starts trying to talk back to Freak, but he gives him no chance, Freak shoves him against the wall and starts gut punching him, before immediately yanking TAK over his shoulders into a fireman’s carry. Freak’s so strong that he can hold TAK with one arm while flexing with the other one, he does some squats to show off his massive legs before dropping TAK to the mat. It’s domination city as Freak says, while flexing over TAK who’s trying to catch his breath on the mat. TAK sneak attacks Freak while he’s flexing for the camera with a kick to the leg, and then puts him up on the wall where he starts punching Freak’s abs as hard as he can! He pulls Freak away and starts to crush him in a bearhug. Freak is shocked to see how strong TAK really is, TAK may be small but he’s got a ton of experience. He kicks Freak in the knees to knock him down and starts pulling his arms back into a surfboard of his own, before coming in close and putting him into a choke hold. He’s squeezing the breath out of Freak and finally getting a chance to start talking some trash of his own. TAK then wraps his legs around Freaks throat and falls over sideways into a head scissors. Freak is astounded at TAK’s intense come back and is completely at a loss at what to do. He wasn’t expecting TAK to be able to wrestle or counter attack Freak and all his giant muscles. TAK maneuvers himself down into a body scissors, and decides Freak’s wrestling outfit is in the way, so he strips it off him to be able to crush his body even harder. He picks up the stripped off outfit and starts using it to choke the breath out of Freak. Is TAK’s comeback going to prove to be too much for Freak? Or is the muscle god going to reign supreme by the end of this match?